HoP Idol Audition Submissions: White Dwarf Time Tunnel

Here goes nothing!  This is the first of our audition articles (in no particular order, of course) that were submitted for the “HoP Idol” contest that we’re running.  It comes from “The Other Guy,” who is currently a freelance writer, with no blog affiliations.  Enjoy!

Hi, I’m “The Other Guy” and I’ve been reading on the blog-o-sphere about a possible revamp of White Dwarf coming up. Many bloggers are keen on this, saying how poor the content has become, and how much is taken up with advertising.
So I’ve got a copy the latest Issue 379 and I’m going to compare it to Issue 179, 200 issues ago. Lets see how these two match up after 16 years, 8months.

First of all – The Covers. Both of them are advertising the latest of their products, with well-drawn and colourful artwork. The latest issue is a big-ass dragon (because of Storm of Magic – a fantasy spin-off), while our classic issue has a huge Emperor Class Titan because of the launch of “EPIC – TITAN LEGIONS” (an epic spin-off).
Other points – The WD logo has grown over time, but the GW logo has shrunk to around a 6th of its earlier size. The printing has moved from England to Poland and a pointless quote has been added to the spine.

The Price  – Back in November 94 it was £2.25, and had 88 pages. Flash forward to the present and we have doubled the cost to £4.50 for 120 pages.
WHAT!! Double the cost!! – It seems a lot at first, but consider you have 17years of inflation on that, and its not too bad. Maybe increased by 70p more than inflation alone. Add the extra pages and you are about even again.

The ContentIssue 179 featured – New Launch – Titan Legion (epic expansion), an Epic battle report – Imperium vs Orks (The bad guys win), Tactics on 40k combat, building ruins for Epic, New characters for Talisman and Adrian Wood shows off his speed Freak army (with added tactics).
            – Issue 379 Features – New Launch – Storm of Magic (fantasy expansion), a fantasy battle report – Dark Elves vs Chaos (the bad guys win), Extra rules for Cities of Death, A City of Death battle report – Space wolves vs CSM, Painting and modelling Dark Eldar and Jarvis tries to defend Finecast in Standard Bearer.

BUT WAIT!! – How much is just advertisement??
In both magazines, the main stories and articles are there to advertise and promote the latest from the company. This makes it very difficult to assess which has more. However, we can look at pages that are purely advertisement without hobby.
Issue179 has 13 pages of adverts and Heavy Metal pages (15% of total mag). Where as Issue379 only has 8 pages (6.5%). A huge decrease!

Not really, because most of the pages have more photos in the newest magazine, and larger fonts, better advertising the models. That being said…I didn’t count the mail order pages in the back of 179 as adverts. If you did, the amount would be more like 37% adverts.

To Sum up – There doesn’t seem much difference in the issues. The cost is more, but the paper and pictures better quality.

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