HoP Idol Audition Submissions: Armageddon IM

Ever wonder what an IM chat between Commander Dante and Ghazgul Thrakka might look like?  Well, neither have I, but after reading this HoP Idol audition micro blog article from A Murder of Ravens’ Citizen Williams, I’m kind of curious about some other fictitious conversations that might be happening in my head right now.

Armageddon IM

22:03 997.925.M41 – Commander Dante has signed in
22:09 997.925.M41 – Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka has signed in

Commander Dante: Hey

Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka: Sup

Commander Dante: What are you doing?

Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka: Nuffin, just chilling on Armageddon

Commander Dante: Hey I’m on my way to Armageddon now. How is it down there?

Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka: We’s ‘avin fun smashin da place up LOL

Commander Dante: What?? :@ I only just cleaned up after Angron messed it up.

Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka: LOL yea he smashed it up proppa. We should get ‘im down ‘ere.

Commander Dante: Seriously, stop this. Yarrick just send me a picture message and you’re spoiling it.

Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka: Nah we just ‘aving a laugh LOL 😛

Commander Dante: I don’t find it funny we’ll defeat you for the glory of the primarch and the emperor.

Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka: Grotsnik’ll av ya, LOL ya can’t touch us!

Commander Dante: Right I’ve had enough of this could you please talk properly! I hate all this trying to be cool spelling.

Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka: Wot? :S

Commander Dante: Your spelling and all your ‘boyz’ spelling is just dreadful its reallyt hard to understand you. Now pick up eveything you knocked over apologice to Yarrick and get out of there!

Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka: R Ya serious Humie? ROTFL

Commander Dante: Right thats it I’m brining in the chapter!!

23:14 997.925.M41 – Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka has signed off

Commander Dante: Always running a way from a fight.

09:36 999.999 M41 – Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka has signed in

Ghazghkull “bad boy” Thraka: Right lets try dis again LOL!

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