HoP Idol Challenge Round IV: A New HoP

Hey there kiddos, I’m back from my indefinite hiatus of life kicking my ass to bring you the next HoP Idol Challenge. 

Tomorrow, we’ll begin posting the next set of entries- which I can assure you are totally kick ass, as usual. 

But first I’d like to thank Wyrd, of “Miscellaneous Minis” for writing this week’s challenge.  We’re trying some new things this go around and wanted some past contestants to get some extra pimping and gain the ability to make a little parting shot, as it were, at the remaining entrants. 

Here’s what Wyrd’s fiendish mind has come up with for this week’s challenge:

“HoP II Round 4 Challenge – House Rules”
I think I can hear the grumbles through my computer. Yup, I can. 
talking about the game changers. The house rules that change the way
you actively play the game. Not things like rock/scissors/paper over
rules disputes. 6th edition 40k is here and now that most folks have had
a chance to absorb it what better time to talk about an elephant in the
room that many people try very hard to avoid. Everyone has an opinion
one way or another. If you say you don’t grow a pair, drop the
politically correct neutral indifferent bullshit, and say what you
really think. I’m not trying to sound like angry internet “troll” but
lets face it people can get very emotional over this topic. If you
really want to know want to know what someone thinks and how they can
write what better way than to use an emotional topic. If you are all for
them GREAT! Say it damn it and tell us why. If not that’s fine too.
Tell us why and not just some angry rambling that doesn’t say anything
like your average political debate. Take a stand, put on your big
boy/girl pants, and tell us.

Enjoy kiddos.

also, I’d really appreciate it if you guys took the time to go check out my band Crusader (part of the reason I’ve been absent from the blog so much lately) and then proceed to our just opened kick starter to see if you could find it in your hearts to help out some starving metalheads.  

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