HoP Idol II 2nd Challenge 1st Movement in B flat Major

Another Challenge week is upon us for the HoP Idol Competition.  Starting this afternoon (in America Time- Central, specifically- but not Central America) the 2nd round of challenges goes up.  Throwing a curve ball this week, I randomly pulled a pretty exciting and unique challenge out of my ass… errr magic hat.

Like to hear it?  Here it goes…

The Challenge:
Take your favorite regular HoP column and put
your own twist on it.  That’s it, write an article to fit in one of our
normal weekly series (New member monday, gaming on a budget, musings of a
game store owner, Tuesday Discussion, Games anatomy, whatever it is
sinnsynn does, etc).  Do whatever you need to do (a la bizarro week
where musings of a gamestore owner became musings of a game store
patron) to bring your own voice to that column.  Make sure to include an
introduction stating whose column you are basing your post on and
briefly explain why.

This is deliberately pretty open, because I
think it’ll give you all a good chance to take this in a lot of
different directions.  Note that you don’t need to copy a certain
author’s style, unless you want to.  We’re only asking you to work
within the same parameters and scope (or the oppossite ones if that’s
where you’re headed) in order to complete your post.  Hit me up with

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