HoP Idol II Challenge: DoK

Better slightly late in the day than never, DoK (my fault for not getting this up in time, not his) of “3 for Int” is bringing us his interpretation of a certain unique HoP writer.  At least I’m fairly certain that’s what’s going on here.  Hamster’s on the loose it seems.

Hey everyone, Dok here from www.3forint.com and for this weeks challenge,
I was asked to take one of the normal writers segments and put a twist
on it.  I was thinking and thinking about it and really there was
only one way to go. I had to do SinSynn… Not like that, I’ll save
that for the tentacles.
Hey Folks,
Megan Fox here.

A lot of talk
has been going on around the internet about something that is near and
dear to my… heart. Tentacles. I really want to she some light on this
subject because people seem to be under the misconception that they
can only be used for one thing!
Let’s kick this party off right… With some useful tentacles.
Good for getting into tight spots!
One of the first, best things that you can accomplish with a tentacle
is opening a drink! I sure do get thirsty when tentacles are around!
Another often overlooked use for a tentacle…
Holding your back door open!
Just squeeze it into the crack!
Sometimes, you might find yourself on a ship and your portholes is
Good for cleaning out your portholes!
And what would a list of tentacles be without my second favorite use?
They make a man look quite good
I can’t even look at a man unless he’s got a face full of tentacle. 
Right, Ladies?!?
A whole beard of tentacles??? Swoon!
Until next time, folks- ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl

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