HoP Idol II Challenge: It’s Just a Ride

Here comes Gartenzing of “Gaming All Areas” with the first entry in the quarter-final round (is that what this is- yeah, no idea, I don’t get sports).

It’s Just a Ride.

Hi all, Gartenzing here from Gaming All Areas. Still ploughing through the HoP Idol 2 Competition-
and this week we’re tasked to, and I quote, “…Take a stand, put on your big boy/girl pants…” So


Gartenzing asked for a pic with an obvious Hugh Laurie reference- so I went with a much less obvious one

I honestly can’t believe that people get emotional about house-rules in wargames. I’ve always
believed that the rulebooks- all of them, not just GW’s- are a guide-line for like minded people who
enjoy playing with dolls to meet up and socialize. If I’m playing a pick-up game, then I’ll play straight
of the rulebook. If I’m with a bunch of my gaming-regulars, we’ll play whatever the hell we feel like
playing. If we want to try out something new, or tweak the rules, then we will (in fact, we ended up
doing this a hell of a lot towards the end of 40K 5th Ed.)

If someone wants to throw a new idea my way, fine- let’s try it, and discuss it afterwards. I’m a huge
fan of Hail Caesar- because I haven’t bought the army lists. For the un-initiated, Hail Caesar is a
rulebook from Rick Priestley, which summarises quite neatly the framework he uses with his gaming
regulars. It’s not a rulebook- it’s a “house-rules book.” I love it. And yet, the game I play the most is
40K- and I usually play pick-up games with no rules changes. I really, really don’t care- the point is to
get painted models on the table and have fun for 5 hours. Are there really people out there who don’t
feel the same way?

Here’s an idea for everyone out there: change the activation system in 40K from IGYG to Initiative.

Here’s the checklist:

  1. Roll for Priority
  2. The player with Priority moves all of their models with I10
  3. The other player moves all of their models with I10
  4. Now do it with I9 through I1, taking it in turns
  5. The player with priority shoots with all of their units with I10
  6. The other player shoots with all of their units with I10
  7. Now do it I9 through I1 , taking it in turns
  8. The player with Priority Charges with all of their units with I10
  9. The other player charges with all of their units with I10
  10. Now do it with I9 through I1, taking it in turns
  11. Fight Combats as normal

I regularly play using this system with a few friends- we like it, and it mixes up the games we play the
rest of the time- which are pick-up games at the FLGS and GW. We know what we are playing and
we don’t inflict it on people unless they want to try it out- in which case, we get another person into
the regulars.

The only time I can ever see this being a problem is if one player is using their own “house rules”
without telling their opponent until it crops up. That’s not playing, that’s cheating- it’s got nothing
to do with house rules. It’s the equivalent of not discussing scenery before the game, or not agreeing
a scenario- the game’s going to be shite, you both know that, so why play it.

So that’s my position- play games and have fun. If you want to fuck about with the system, go
ahead- I don’t mind, just tell me what you have in mind. If it sounds like it won’t be fun, I’ll tell you-
and we either come to a compromise, or we each find a different opponent.

Is that a grown up enough position for everyone out there?

Comments, as always, are welcome.

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