HoP Idol II: House Rules

Last up in the 4th round of the competition is this joint from Spike Lee erm DoK.  After you’ve looked at his plethora of Hugh Laurie pics, make sure you check out his other writings at “3 for Int.

House. Rules.

Hey all! Dok here from www.3forint.com to talk a bit about house rules. What are house rules you might ask? Sounds like something you would find in a drinking game…

Well, let my friends at Urban Dictionary tell you!

House Rules

These are usually the rules followed in one’s house that a particular game is being played in. These rules will always change from house to house and are sure to always cause a 10 minute argument/debate over them. These rules are known to be made up during the actual game.

Rule 1, House Rules. Just ask him.

Now, what does this have to do with wargaming and why should you care? Well, if you are a
tournament going warhammer 40k player, you have been playing with them for some time and you are going to be seeing them more and more!

Have you played in a tournament with a non-book mission?

Have you played with the INAT FAQ or a tournament specific FAQ?

Have you ever had to 4+ a rule because you couldn’t figure out what the hell GW was talking about?

Then you’ve been using house rules.

Rule 2. See above. Also, the Doctor Lies

Now, the trend in 5th edition was to leave the rules pretty much intact with some minor adjustments to clear up rules and to make the missions more competitive and less prone to tying. Some tournaments
made heavy adjustments to rules and used wacky missions but those were far from the norm. The spirit of most tournaments was to try to stay as close to the rules as possible to keep confusion to a minimum.

In 6th, however… GW has changed the game on us. They have given us a game that doesn’t quite work in a tournament environment. Some people say “just give it a chance”, “GW knows what they are doing”, and “it’ll work out”. That may be nice for those who are only playing the game for fun. But there are a lot of people that have a lot of money invested in independent tournaments continuing to grow and
they can’t really afford to wait and see. When your livelihood is at least partially based around running these kinds of events, then you need to step up and take action.

Rule 3. GW says F your lifestyle 1

Now what?

Should independent tournament organizers re-arrange the rules to their taste as the golden throne GT
and Frontline gaming have done? Should they keep the game to the book rules and hope that all the
new interest from the new edition doesn’t fall away as some of the local stores have done? (And even
then, they still have to change some of the rules as they just don’t work as written) Personally, I’m all for whatever makes the game more competitive and give me a good tactical challenge.

There are drawbacks to changing the rules though… When organizers start creating their own house
rules, the game and community starts to become fractured. Different houses using different rules will
cause people to get heated when the rules they are used to are not played the way they expect. I’ve
seen it in drinking games and I’m sure we’ll see it in 40k. Also, The more the rules change, the more the game will devolve back into 5th edition with some change.

A balance between the two is really what we need to find as a community. They did it in 5 th with
new missions and the rules clarifications. Some manner of that will need to happen to make this a

tournament worthy game. Or… The other obvious solution is to make 40k a drinking game. Then
everyone will be happy!

How have tournaments treated you guys so far? Have the TO’s majorly changed the rules or are you
playing straight from the book???

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