HoP Idol II voting is live albeit a bit late

As the straightforward title of this post would indicate, voting is live for the HoP Idol contest. 

Apologies to the contenders and fans of the series for the delay in getting this out, but there have been some big things going on around these parts and a few setbacks.  But I guess that when the founders of the site are either moving halfway across the US or working 3 jobs and thinking that adopting a 3 month old puppy is a good idea, then these things are bound to happen.

Come with us now on a journey through space and time and revisit this week’s HoP Idol posts.  Voting will be up through Sunday in order to keep things moving so remember to vote early and often.  Also, don’t forget that you are allowed to vote up to 4 times in the contest as the contestant with the fewest votes will be out of the running.

Without further ado, ballyhoo, etc, here are the fricking entries:

TKE’s “Musings of a Game store Patron”

DOK’s masterfully titled “DOK”

Doc Brian’s “Games Anatomy”

Gartenzing’s “Memoirs of a Game store Staffer”

Neil’s “Musings of an Impulse Buyer”

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