HoP Idol: Iron Father Conversion

Next up in the HoP Idol Competition we’ve got Lantz bringing us a killer conversion chocked full of more pictures than you can shake an SD card at.

Iron Father Conversion Tutorial
Oh snapcycles, look who made it to the next round? Was it because someone had to drop out? Was it because you people voted for me (suckers)? I like to think it’s the latter. Anywho, this week I’ve got a tutorial for you all that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you check out the main blog I write for, www.twin-linked-awesome.blogspot.com you’ll notice I’m an avid tutorial-writer, so this was right up my ally. For this article, I’ve got an Iron Father conversion I ran through a few weeks ago for a new unit in the upcoming 3rd version release of my AdMech fandex.

To start off let’s run down the list of items I used in this kitbash. For this I’d need the following:
For this guy I wanted a special pose with him thrusting his Servo-Arm at the enemy. For the body of the model, I used a Bionic Arm from MaxMini for the right arm which is holding a Plasma Pistol and the rest is a mix of a normal SM kit and the GW Iron Hands kit. To accomplish the pose I wanted I went with a custom-built Servo-Arm. I took an old sprue from the Stalker Tank I purchased a while back and clipped off two sections, combining them with a small plasticard tube joint:
After this I took some bits from that old Gundam model for the caps on the joint:
To get this arm attached to the Iron Father I clipped off one of the exhausts on his backpack and glued the Servo-Arm in place:
After a few tries with the arms and Servo-Arm I finally achieved the pose I wanted: a pose of having just swung the Power Sword and going in for a finishing move with the Servo-Arm, since ya’ know…those always go last.
Next I wanted a hydrolic-looking tube that lets the Servo-Arm flex. For this I used a small plasticard tube carefully cut to match up with both sides of the arm:
Quite The Fearsome Nub, There.
The hand of the Servo-Arm used another bit from that old Gundam model: a gutted missile. For the joint I used a plasticard tube and I used GS to fill it in and give it some caps:
Recently I’ve been dabbling with cinematic effects on models and I wanted to toy around with the idea on this guy. I had recently completed a casting session and had some excess resin that dried in a unique form underneath my mold. I took this and clipped it appropriately so it looks like the sword is making a “swooshing” motion as I call it:
To add a bit more detail I tossed in one of those power cables from the Servo-Arm to the backpack:
And here’s the unpainted Iron Father in all of his glory:
Goosebumps; You have them.
For those who have read my blog before, there’s nothing in this world I hate more than painting figs…except maybe when you have ice in the bottom of your glass and you go to take that last sip only to find the ice have plotted their revenge on your face in a destructive display of frozen water-to-eyeball unified attack. Either way, it’s a rare day I paint my figs. It’s a mixture of lack of enjoyment and that my skills are barely good enough to paint Necrons. Anyway, this beauty was painted up by my good friend and fellow wargamer Mr. Lemon. He did an amazing job detailing every little piece of this guy and I’m sure you’ll agree this guy is damn snazzy:
I ended up attaching another power cable from the Servo-Arm to the Servo-Hand and tossed in some detailing on the Servo-Arm to make it less lanky as well as some of those rivets from Tichy Train for more detail. In addition, I ended up getting rid of the “swoosh” on the sword as it appealed to me less and less as time went on:
That’s all for now, folks. Be sure to vote for your favorite writers this week and continue tuning in for more great articles from us all. Just note that if you vote for me, I’ll give you ten dollars.
Notice: The above statement is completely false. Any and all claims to bribe the audience with money and/or groping of their fun-parts are failed attempts at humor on the writer’s part. Similar claims must be dismissed immediately and are by no means intended to be taken seriously; much like a majority of articles written by the author. In fact, this articles so damn good you should probably be sending him ten dollars. He’ll be checking his PayPal account frequently for this transaction and thanks you in advance.

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