HoP Idol (Not) Quickfire Challenge: Inquisitor_Dunn

Taking the wayback machine all the way back to when I thought we could do quickfire challenges, here is Inquisitor_Dunn (now out of the competition) taking the wayback machine to talk to you about his first gaming experience.  Remember, this doesn’t count for immunity, voting, or anything else anymore, it’s just for funsies.

Take a Trip in the Wayback Machine!
by Inquisitor_Dunn

For this week’s Quickfire, we are to tell a tale of how we got into gaming. To tell this tale, I first need to explain who I am. I am Inquisitor_Dunn on the interwebs and I have a little blog, 2 Cents on 40k. I started my blog to keep me painting my 40k armies by posting up stuff I’m working on. I had to do this because I needed to break my World of Warcraft addiction. This was not my first video game addiction…..( you are now entering the wayback machine )

Watch your step… It’s around 1998 and 3rd edition 40k is out. It is the summer that GW is running the “Hunt for the Fallen” campaign. I have never seen, nor heard of Warhammer.
I did have one of the great PlayStation’s that you had to turn upside down to get it to play. I was also buying 2-3 games a week, and almost missing work from missing sleep. Curse you Resident Evil 1!

My dad was a heavy smoker and drank his 12 pack of beer every night when I was a kid. I recognized I could have an addictive compulsive personality. I tend to get very focused and obsessed with things I like. Fantasy football, fire department stuff, and video games for examples.
was in a mall in Edina, MN on one of my days off, looking to see what the new game was out that week. As I walked by a kite store, Airtraffic Kites and Games to be exact, I saw they had games and some models. Now back when I was younger, I had put together models of planes and warships. I thought this might be a good hobby to break my video game problem.
I was looking at this huge wall of blister packed models that were absolutely awesome! I had never seen scifi models like this. I’m a huge Starwars and Star Trek fan and this hit a cord. “This was a good plan me thinks”, my brain said to me. Now if my story had ended here, I would have picked up some cool minis, maybe some paint, and would have never actually have played the game we know as 40k.

But fate was there in the store that day, also a manager named Russ. He saw me looking at the stuff and asked if I play 40k. I said “What’s 40k?”. He told me I should go into the back room and check it out…………… Um….I’m thinking maybe not……
He then explained that they were playing a mega battle for some campaign going on. Oh, there is people back there. So I checked out the backroom of this mall store and behold…. My eyes saw this huge table of terrain. I know now it was 16ft by 4ft, and it was filled on both sides with people’s armies. I remember there being 20+ people back in this storage room, all around this table.

Smartest thing GW ever did to get people into the hobby. Dumbest thing they ever did was end the program.

I watched for about 10 minutes while kids and men in their 20’s and 30’s laughter, hooted, and hollered while moving their models across this huge table of awesome terrain. 
Then this guy in a red shirt came over and asked if I wanted to get in on the game. I told him I had never played and I was cool with just watching. He told me his name was Dan and I could use some of his models. He set me up with a unit of marines that worshiped some god, and their APC. I was pretty stoked, and he explained they love hand to hand combat and threw me on an end of the table. The guys around me helped me play and told me how far stuff could go. They helped me threw the dice rolls. I know now one of those guys was his brother Matt.
I drove my rhino across the table, and I did get into combat with some green guys I found out later were called Dark Angels. I won my first ever combat in 40k and proceeded to the next group of white guys in a different style armour. Yeah, that combat did not go so well as I got my first taste of terminators, but I had fun. I drove that rhino around for 2 more turns shooting stuff and had a blast.
I talked to Matt and Dan after the game and they explained more of it to me. I’ll admit, I was pretty pumped to start an army at that point. They told me to get the big box set with the rule book  and that I would need a codex for the army I chose.

I had decided to go with the Dark Eldar since they were in the box set. I also wanted to be different than everyone else playing Space Marines. I read the main rule book and assembled my models in one week. The next weekend, Dan and Matt ran me through my first games with my new army, and the rest is history……

Con of the North RTT table.

Dan and Matt build great terrain besides teaching noobs like me to play.

I can not thank Matt and Dan H enough for taking the time to show me this awesome hobby. I am married now with 2 kids and look forward to the time when I can teach my son to play.
As for Dan and Matt, they are still running games up in Minneapolis, and I always try to make it to Con of the North, where they run a 40k RTT and many other games. I leave you with some awesome shots of games they have run at CotN in the past. It’s my bribe to you to vote for me, so I may post up more pictures of awesome.

Dan running their Zombie Game of Awesomeness.

Hopefully not me driving off into the sunset. Vote for Inquisitor Dunn!

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