Hop Idol: Price Hikes

Next up today, we’ve got an article from America’s (yeah, he lives in the UK, but so what?) favorite freelance writer who is currently looking for a blog to write for, “the other guy.” I’m not going to lie to you, I’m very excited that he’ll be arguing in favor of price rises as well- one of my favorite topics.

Hi House of Paincakes!
I’m “The Other Guy” and I’m hoping to be YOUR HoP Idol . My real name is Rob and I’m based in a small town in England. If I make it through to next week, I promise to tell the story of how I ended up as “The Other Guy”. 
However, today I’m going to talk about a man called Dan, a boy with a bad haircut, Games Workshop price rises and what you should do with your bitz.

This week’s theme in the contest is “Contentious issues” and I wanted to talk about the price hikes. But it’s not contentious if we all agree so I’m going to argue that the GW price rises could be a good thing for us in the long term.
First off, I’m not supporting their huge price rises that are way over any measured rate of inflation. Telling us they are using resin to save money then giving us expensive FailCast is a real kick in the teeth.
What I am saying is that it will change our spending habits in a good way.
Let me take you back 7 years, and introduce you to my good friend “Mop”. So named after his white-man’s afro, everyone called him by his nickname. Even the headmaster called him it during an assembly. Mop, like the rest of our group, was a 40k player. Mop was a “butterfly” hobbyist. He would hop between projects and armies going to whatever was new and shiny. 6 main 40k armies, 5 fantasy and all 4 Lotr box sets.  Plus any extra new releases that caught his eye. I was in awe of his spending power.
I remember the first time I went to his house and saw his room. The walls were lined with shelves filled with sprue, and GW boxes. One wall had see-through plastic containers holding unpainted models. Most of his collection was unpainted, and often unassembled, but that didn’t matter to me. He had the models. He had the potential to field these models at any time in our games. The hobby potential in that room blew my mind. Jack Black would have sung a song about how epic that room was.
Sometimes Mop finished painting and basing his units. Often they got assembled and undercoated. On the odd occasion he used his treasure trove of bitz to create jaw-dropping conversions. He was a brilliant gamer too, and would often wipe my army off the board with his eldar/deathwing/kroot/chaos etc etc
I remember when I started my Witch Hunter army, and I mentioned in passing I was short of melta guns. Next time we saw each other, he gave me 12 meltas, straight off the sprue. “Just a few spares I had lying around” he told me.
So what has this got to do with price rises? It is obvious that a hobbyist like Mop will quickly be bankrupt if he continues on spending the way he did 7 years ago. The rises will be the death of the “butterfly” collector. It is far too expensive now to buy all the models you want but don’t need. But this could become something more beautiful instead.
I collect Ogres as my core fantasy army. I am very excited about the new models and army book, and what they will mean for my “Sunbird Hunters”. However I shall not be buying another battalion box and all the new beasts and characters. Not just yet, anyway.
I’m going to buy the army book. And I’m going to read it. All the way through. Cover to cover. If they are gonna charge me THAT much for a book, I’m gonna get my moneys worth.
Then I will write an army list. Then re-write it, post it on well-known Internet forums and listen to the wise words of other ogre fans.  I will repeat this until I get – a list I love.
Then I will go to my not-so-local GW store and buy what I need. Any FailCast will be opened in front of the manager and poor castings will be swapped then and there. (Best way to deal with FailCast in my opinion.)
Then I will have fun assembling and painting my beautiful, expensive new models. I’m going to spend hours getting my money’s worth and enjoying the hobby. I will base them in snow like the rest of my existing army. After all that work, pleasure and dedication, I will finish with a 2000pt painted Ogre Kingdoms army.
And I will have made something beautiful.
So in light of the price increases, I urge you to spend only on what you need for your army. I beg you to enjoy painting these models and look forward to basing them. Take your spares off the sprue, and put your bitz to good use (“There’s a quote for you, right there!”) or store your bitz safely for later. Drain every little bit out of your Games Workshop purchase, because they will drain every little bit of cash from you.
So what of “Mop”? Seven years later and he has a sensible hair cut, a hot girlfriend and is known by his real name of “Dan”. Dan still collects, but not like he once did. His main army are a really well painted Death-Wing, and he still often beats me with them. He is no longer “Mop” but he is better for it.
So please, don’t look at the price rises as a money-grabbing ploy (though it is); let’s look at it as an excuse to make something beautiful.

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