HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Building an Infinity Army

Lastly today, we’ve got a real treat for you.  Last week’s winner will not only building a list for, but will also be introducing you all to Infinity.  He went well over the space limit that was set for him, but he did such a good job describing the system that many of you might not know, so we decided to allow it.  And hell, he did win last week after all, so he should get something for it, right?

Building an Infinity army
The brief suggested that we should to write a list for Games Workshop or Privateer Press games. While I can see the logic in that I think me doing that would be missing a glorious opportunity to help people understand how to build a workable list in another game system, namely Infinity. This might disqualify me but I don’t care because what I have to say is more important than all that. Because creating your first army list can be quite a daunting prospect for Infinity players. So here are some quick rules and pointers:
  • Firstly Infinity isn’t like other games insofar that there aren’t auto includes or units that are no brainers. It’s not about what you bring to the table, but more about how you use it. That being said your lists can be uncompetitive if you don’t balance things out.
  • Orders. Yep these are important, every miniature generates one order, apart from your Lieutenant who also generates a special order just for themselves to use. Without orders to spend you can’t do anything in Infinity. Having a healthy order pool is more important than having that extra shiny toy. I’d say a minimum of 6 to 7 orders per combat group, speaking of which…
  • Combat groups are often over looked by new comers to the game. In Infinity there is a limit of 10 orders in each combat group, but you can have multiple combat groups. Be careful of how you organise your force, you might think putting 10 orders in one group and 4 in the other is a good idea, its not. Balance your combat groups with a good mix of grunts and specialists and remember what I said about combat groups needing at least 6 or 7 orders? Well if you have 11 orders in a force or maybe even 12 and 13, it might be wise to actually lose some orders to bring it down to 10 orders and take that extra nice toy after all and stick with just the one combat group.
  • Grunts or Cheerleaders are soldiers too. These guys aren’t just there to generate orders for the powerful guys… well they are, but you should make sure to use them and that the grunts you choose will actually back up your main guys suitably.
  • Choosing a Lieutenant is really important. You don’t want to necessarily pick the hard guy that you’re planning on putting in harms way, but conversely you don’t want to pick a cheap grunt who’ll sit at the back either because 1) your opponent will almost certainly expect it and 2) you normally end up wasting vital and valuable Support Weapon Cost (SWC) points on grunt Lieutenants. These might be better used buying a hacking device or missile launcher for your Hac Tao!!! Pick a middling guy who is likely to be a support fighter for your main attack and if you have any troops with the Chain of Command skill consider taking them.
  • Skills, skills and more skills. I think if you have expensive toys that can be hacked or disabled in any way (trust me you will have) you need to bring a hacker and engineer with you. There is nothing as painful as watching your 80 point super star frozen on the spot by a lucky plasma shot, you need those hackers and engineers to get things running again. Medics can be useful but I don’t think they’re vital.
  • Shooting, I don’t know how many times it has to be said but shooting is the most important thing in Infinity. Yeah sure I love my Oniwaban for pure shock value and the brutality of their close combat attacks, but remember shooting should always be the core of any army you choose.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The Combine Army Avatar might look awesome, and trust me it is but its expensive and if it’s your only serious weapon then your army is predictable and your opponent will deal with it and then you’ll be stuffed.
  • Spend those SWC points as well. For every standard 50 points you get 1 SWC point. If you can spend them, they’ll allow you access to useful tools and the biggest guns and weapons, I’ve been surprised how many of my opponents under utilize this valuable resource spending only a fraction of what is available to them.
I think for a beginner that’s all you really need to know.
Aleph – Achilles Paradiso Aggression force
Ok now having said all of that I’m going to blissfully ignore all my advice and go for a fluffy army designed around Aleph poster boy Achilles. You see the Human Sphere is under attack from a foul alien force known as the Combined Army and they’ve made first contact on a planet called Paradiso. It has been brutal. Aleph responded by creating Achilles and his Myrmidons to kick alien ass!!! So my fluffy list is designed around the idea of Achilles and his Myrmidons trying to raise merry hell and scaring the living daylights out of those alien interlopers. However I’ve broken my rule on Lieutenant, taking too many nice toys, shooting being the core of my force and spread of skills… oops.
However it is still a functioning force, just a difficult one to use!!! This army is simply about getting across the table and up close and personal with Achilles and those Myrmidons. The Yudbots should stick close and allow the Sophotect to function as support, the Naga is there for counter hacking and to provide annoyance factor, however you might want to consider switching the Naga hacker for a Minelayer, to protect flanks or a Sniper to provide covering fire. Just remember to watch out for Multi Spectoral Visors and use cover to your advantage and get those smoke grenades as much as you can… you’ll need them. Peace out!

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