HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Kaptain Von’s Kadaverous Kavalkade

Von is taking a risk today and deviating from the paradigm of 40k, WFB, and Warmahordes that we see so often on the net and dropping a Mordheim list on all of us.  Will his risk pay off or will our mystery celebrity judge be of a more risk averse breed?

Undead Warband
500 crowns spent
Warband rating 78


Vampire with sword and dagger – 120
Necromancer with sword and bow – 55
Dreg – bow and dagger – 30
Dreg – bow and dagger – 30
Dreg – bow and dagger – 30


Ghoul – 40
Ghoul – 40
3 Dire Wolves – 150

Mordheim is won by the warband with the most Heroes.  It’s that simple.  More Heroes means more Exploration dice after a game and thus more money to spend on equipment and replacement henchmen.  It’s important to a) keep your Heroes safe and b) ensure that they rack up experience points, hence damn near everyone getting a bow so they can park in buildings and snipe at the other warband from a safe distance.  The Necromancer, being slightly more important in the long term, gets a sword so he can parry people who try to hit him.  The Vampire doesn’t get a bow because he’s tough enough to look after himself in a brawl, and so he rocks the additional hand weapon and option of a parry instead.

As far as henchmen go, the two Ghouls are in because they get experience points and potentially become Heroes.  I could put lots of Zombies in the warband for that kind of money, but Zombies are slow, eat up the size cap (you can only have fifteen models in an Undead warband), don’t gain experience points but don’t have the courtesy to get killed easily either; they’re dead weight.  The Dire Wolves, running as they do off fifth edition Vampire Counts stats, have the longest charge range in Mordheim and hit anything on the ground like a sack of cold beans, with their extra attacks and strength on the charge – they also ignore some injuries, and cause fear to boot.

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