HoP Idol: Quickfire Challenge Week 2

This week we’re trying something a little different, and certainly not stolen wholesale from ToP Chef.

The 6 remaining HoP Idol contestants have been given a prompt for a very brief article and were only given 2 days in which to complete it.  After all of the articles have been shown here, a special celebrity guest judge of Internet Fame will decide which article captured the spirit of the challenge best. 

Now here’s the sexy part:  the winner of the challenge gains immunity for the week!  That’s right, the winner can’t be eliminated at all this week.  Pretty damn sexy indeed. 

For this first ever Quickfire Challenge, the contestants have been asked to write an army list, give it a clever name, and briefly explain anything they want to about it (the fluff, how it works on the table, etc).  They weren’t given any directions about what points level or gaming system to work at.  They weren’t even given a specific purpose like a tournament or friendly historical re-fight to build the list for.  This should allow each entrant to write to his strengths and create a pretty good variety for you readers. 

Stay tuned throughout today, we’ll be posting one of the finalists lists every hour until they’re all done.

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