HoP Idol Round 2 Results

You guys ready for another twist!  Well, not only have I been woefully inadequate in my duties to moderate this contest, but we’re also killing off the Quickfire challenge portion.  Due to difficulties in scheduling with guest judges, this portion of the contest just isn’t feasible for us right now.  I was really excited about it, but I am also man enough to admit defeat.  My apologies to everyone from the contestants to the judges who were already committed to this, to you dear readers.  We’ll hopefully get something worked out for this the next time we run this contest.

Now to get back to business as usual.  By unpopular demand, Inquisitor_Dunn has been voted off the island this week.  We here at the HoP think he put up an admirable fight the whole way and we’re sad to see him go.  But, it is time to move on.  So thanks for the great contest entries, but you must now pack up your knives and leave the HoP Workshop.

Since all of the contestants had written a brief biography article for the (now cancelled) Quickfire challenge, we’re going to be presenting those to you guys this week for no reason other than to let you guys get to know all of the finalists (including Inquisitor_Dunn).

The contestants will be back for a real elimination challenge starting next Monday, when they will be interviewing all of the HoP regular authors.  This should be interesting….

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