HoP Idol Week 1 Results

If we were on TV this is where you would be hearing all sorts of dramatic, tension-building music while I meticulously alternate between praising and chewing out our contestants, but alas, we are on the internets and don’t even have any sort of video feed,  I guess we’ll just have to make due.

So, Frontline Gamer and HOT Panda, I’ll need you to stay on the judges platform.  The rest of you are safe.

While you both made a good effort this week, it seems that the people have spoken and one of you will not continue on to week 2 of the HoP Idol competition.  And that person is…..

===Commercial Break to Heighten Suspense and Piss you off===

We’re back and sadly, we must let HOT Panda go.  Frontline Gamer, you managed to capture 53 votes, moving you on to the next round and taking the top spot.  HOT Panda, you got 23 votes, making it a fairly tight race for middle of the pack.

But wait, here’s the twist that none of you ever saw coming.  Rob of Ave Dominus Nox has had to drop out of the competition due to work related time commitments.

While this totally sucks, it means a lot for HOT Panda, because he’s now back in the competition and what’s more, he and all of our other lovely contestants  can even win immunity this week with our first ever Quickfire Challenge.  Stay tuned for more later today.

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