HoPpy Holidays!

Well hell, you didn’t think your guy and gal pals here at HoP Headquarters would forget a few holidays, did you?  No, of course you didn’t, and of course we didn’t.

honestly feared the worst, but the search for ‘President Pancakes’ turned out to be pretty tame in Google Image

So we’ve got a hell of a holiday extravaganza to celebrate today what with it being Pancake Day in the UK, Fat Tuesday other places, and Post-Presidents Day in the US.

In honor of these holidays and more, please listen to some holiday themed music after the jump.

Happy Pancake Day!

Happy Fat Tuesday!

and last but not least, Happy Post-Presidents Day!

That last one’s pretty great, but had some competition including Drugstore and Atari Teenage Riot.

 But wait.  Before you go off stuffing yourself in honor of your god asking you to give shit up tomorrow, I’ve got one favor to ask of you all.  Since I swore upon my first born a while ago that all my articles would be about gaming, I must ask you: what’s your favorite Holiday gaming memory?  Share in the comments please.

Mine was when I got a Baneblade for Christmas from Dr. Girlfriend years ago.  All I had done was made an offhand comment when asked “what do you want for Christmas” about ‘well there is a giant tank coming out.’  Then she went to the trouble of getting a hold of Lauby to figure out what the hell I was talking about and fast forward to- I got a mutha funkin’ Baneblade.

HoPpy Holidays Y’all

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