I don’t have problem. I have problems. Plural.

I was just thinking to myself while surfing the net.

“Self, I kinda like those new Games Workshop Dark Eldar models.”

So, I looked into the new GW Dark Eldar models.  And yeah.  I do like them.  They look like fun models to paint.  I’m not much of one for 40k (not knocking, I just don’t play).  But GW has been making some seriously interesting models of late.

Take the Dark Eldar Succubus.

A possibly interesting entry figure for me into the world of Dark Eldar.  Impressive modeling, and the attention to detail is really, really solid.  It’s dynamic and balanced, two things that are entirely too rare to find together.  Obviously female, but lacking the usual overinflated cues (read: boobs) that tell you it’s female.

 I hate this type of armor, all show, no purpose.  It’s insulting.

She looks like she could kick your ass. As usual the price is
expensive, but might be worth it in the near

The Harlequins recently made a return to the world of production in plastic, instead of fail-cast….er….fine-cast. Another set of models I might have to pick up.  Which led me down another line of thought.  How many ranges of minis do I have painted right now?

So, I went to my display case, and took inventory:

Malifaux: six complete (more or less) crews.

 Lady Justice

Robotech:  one…two….many…..lots.

Infinity:  Six or so hundred points worth.

Little Red Riding hood has clearly had enough of your sh*t.

Crocodile Games:  -Don’t laugh.  They’re a great company, and they have a ruleset I describe as post-graduate wargaming.

Northstar Models:  54mm Femshep.

Oh the irony.  If that’s a proper use of irony….it is…isn’t it?

And then there’s the rest:  Adeptus Titanicus,  Kabuki Models, Hasslefree, Ground Zero Games (Bubblegum Crisis minis),  Reaper, Kingdom Death, MERCS, DUST TACTICS (don’t judge me), Knight Models, Shapeways….and that doesn’t even begin to touch my backlog.  But I found something interesting.

Games Workshop:  None.  Zero.  Nada.  Not one single model from GW.  (Does Forge World count?  I have Tyberos, the Red Wake) 

So, I contacted BushCraft and said I think I want to collect some Dark Eldar.  He returned a threat of physical violence and pain, and stated this clearly:  “Snap out of it, man!”

This was compounded by The Wife(tm) threatening me with physical violence as well.

So, I put the question to you out there in the web.

Have you ever seen any models you just wanted to paint?  If so, what are they and why?

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