I have a cunning plan….or something closely resembling it.

After being gone for a while, I finally got a chance to take some leave, and get some time away.  I ended up going to GENCON.




Other slightly nonsensical names.

Meeting with Lo.  She’s awesome, by the way.

But now, I’m back. What to do……

More after the Jump.

I have decided to do a step by step guide to/of painting miniatures.  In this case, I plan to try something special.  It may fail spectacularly.  It may not.  Lots of issues are, as of yet, unresolved.

The first issue:  What to paint?



I’ve painted a great many Robotech RPG Tactics miniatures, and I’m still working through them.  I also found nine battlepods I haven’t even assembled yet.  *Sigh*  So. Many.  Pods.

I don’t have any particular urge to paint Infinity models at the moment.



I know, bushcraft.  Keep your mullet in check.

I’m in a steampunk kind of mood, I thought.



Wait.  That gave me an idea.

After purchasing the entire line of Through the Breach RPG products from Wyrd, I had a vision.

Actually, I saw this:


I was instantly drawn to it.  I’ve always found the Dia de los Muertos fascinating.  A long time ago, I managed to snag a limited edition Perdita Ortega from Wyrd, and painted her in a similar style.

IMG_3972 IMG_3977 IMG_3976 IMG_3974

I went for a limited palette look, which worked.  I used micron pens for the facial detail, which worked fairly well.  I then went on to paint the entire crew, also called the Latigo Posse.  I was pleased with the results:

DSCN7838 DSCN7856 DSCN7863 DSCN7871 DSCN7878 DSCN7884 DSCN7893 DSCN7894

Now, I want to do better.

I’m planning on painting the entire Latigo Posse, the Ortega family of Malifaux, in Dia de los Muertos colors.  And you, should you desire to, can watch and comment.

As of this afternoon, I have purchased base toppers, and assembled the crew.  I then basecoated the models with Army Painter Black.

My current plans are to use similar colors to the earlier Dia Perdita, but I want to add splashes of color on the faces and paint the clothing with sugar skulls, and the like.

No, not like GW (Not knocking, I just don’t play).

So, here we go.  I’ll be back…..




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  • Check out the Book of Life. It will give you amazing inspiration! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBw5YScs8iQ

    • Sabot

      I’ll look it up! Thanks!

    • Sabot

      I’ll do that! Thanks!

  • Zab

    damn greggles beat me to it. I’ll have a post up at the end of september about a candied skull i just did.
    link to the cmon gallery:

    and to my wip thread if you don;t want to wait for the post (pg 65 thru 67 for the skull):


    • Sabot

      Thanks for the link! I’ve been looking up examples online, and basically making a plan of attack.

    • Sabot

      Dude, she looks awesome. Like something out of Davis Mack’s Kabuki comics…

  • Wow those Malifaux models have so much character. Love the Perdita, I’m a big fan of face paint on models, it looks so sinister. Since we’re linking, I did a rising sun on the face of my Infinity ninja a few years ago that I was pretty proud of.

    I’ve never gotten into Malifaux but they’re the only range I’ve ever bought from just to paint, with no intention at all of even pretending to play. How good is that top-hat gatling gun dude!?

    Looking forward to seeing the process 🙂

    • Zab

      if you like the painted faces check out what Katie did with these pirates:


      I still have trouble with the clown faced lady. *shudders*

      • Whoa those are pretty amazing. They’re PP models?

        • Zan

          Yep. I’m rather rather “meh” on the PP aesthetic, but these seem different and when they are painted this nice…

      • Sabot

        Those are seriously impressive!

    • Sabot

      Thanks! Now here’s hoping I don’t bollocks it up.

    • Sabot

      She looks awesome, like something out of David Mack’s Kabuki comics..

  • Thuloid

    I really wish I liked Malifaux as a game. Not all the figures appeal to me (some are just wrong aesthetic for my tastes), but they have real personality. This should be a lot of fun.

    • MerryVulture

      This is the opinion of one of the local store owners. Which is why his selection of Wild West Exodus is larger than his selection of Malifaux.

      • Thuloid

        See, I love WWE’s look. I had an opportunity to jump in VERY early in that game, but passed on it. I had played a demo back when there were no actual figures for the game and enjoyed it. Then the kickstarter happened, and honestly I thought it was all kind of expensive, and I didn’t want to risk jumping into a game that wouldn’t survive. Now it’s doing very well, and a store 40 mins from me carries a lot of it. Tempted, and mildly regretting not having some already.

        But Malifaux is divisive, mechanics-wise. I have more than one friend who just hates the game–they like the figures and the idea, but the mechanics just piss them off. I’m not that hostile, but I don’t love it for sure.

        • MerryVulture

          I was really enjoying WWE, but we quit playing. You see, this other game finally came out, called Robotech RPG Tactics. We played a bit of this, until, Armada showed up. Then it was all Armada all the time until AoS. Now I have no one to play with, as I just can’t bring myself to play Warhammer.

          • Thuloid

            AoS won’t last.

  • Drathmere

    So after all that Robotech RPG tactics talk, I thought you might show us some. I vote for Robotech articles. I know a lot of people with the minis, but almost nobody has played the game. Be our guide in the game.

    • Bush Craft

      You should ask him to post about how his Robotech paint jobs made the MUHFUGGIN’ OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

      Seriously they did. But you saw them here first on HoP…IN FEBRUARY.

      • Drathmere

        Those are gorgeous. More. 🙂

        • Bush Craft

          I won’t stop hounding him if you don’t stop, either.

        • Sabot


    • Sabot

      I plan to. I’m sort of in hiatus, paint the same minis repetitively can wear on you a bit. I’m trying to grow the player base down here where I live….it’s just taking some time. The minis are quite the investment in time to get to the playable stage.

  • Bush Craft

    Fuck off about my mullet, brah! It’s crisp and clean. Chicks dig it.

    Who is this Sabot and where do I find him…

    • Sabot

      Your mullet is indeed awe inspiring.

      • Bush Craft