I have a cunning plan….part 2

I sat down to work after a few days of rest, after all, I am on leave.  Then, it was time to work.  Which actually means the Wife ™  said I could vanish downstairs for a few hours.

Don’t judge me.

IMG_5236 'Dita and family.

Here we have the base coated miniatures.  I use old wine and bottle corks to hold the miniatures.  Unfortunately the miniatures made by Wyrd are really good about proportion, which means the feet and lower legs, instead of the trunk-sized appendages of a Games Workshop miniature (not knocking, I just don’t play), they are relatively narrow.  Which makes them nigh impossible to drill and pin, and makes the temporary basing a bit….precarious.

Moving on.

I decided to paint Perdita, Nino and Santiago first.  They are all dressed relatively similarly.  I started with the deepest part of the clothing, the pants.  Perdita and her brothers (los hermanos) are Neverborn hunters.

Think demonslayers with six-guns.

As such I figured a degree of practicality would be warranted.  So, denim was a good idea.

This is my standard formula for denim:

IMG_5264In case my photography sucks, that’s Lothern Blue Layer, Guilliman Blue Glaze, and Skink Blue Dry, all from Citadel.

Because the Lothern Blue is Layer paint, a degree of the undercoate will show through.  In some cases this means you might have to make more than one pass to achieve a satisfactory color, showing here:

IMG_5272 IMG_5271 IMG_5270 IMG_5269 IMG_5267 IMG_5266 IMG_5265

It wasn’t until a bit later that I realized Perdita’s chaps covered her calves, so a bit more painting was in order.

Next came the Guillliman (Girlyman?) Blue:

IMG_5279 IMG_5278 IMG_5277 IMG_5276 IMG_5275

The shade does its job remarkably well.  The depth of the color is heightened, and the coverage become much more distinct.  After letting it dry, and pondering my ever growing backlog of models, I proceeded to my next step:  Drybrushing.

For this, the Skink Blue is perfect to create that worn denim feeling.

IMG_5281 IMG_5282 IMG_5283 IMG_5286 IMG_5289 IMG_5290

Next, I decided to paint the skin tones.  They’re not elves (stupid elfses), so a medium skin tone was chosen.

I made a point of only painting the exposed skin of the hands, neck/chest and wrists.  Their faces will be painted separately.

IMG_5293 IMG_5294 IMG_5295 IMG_5297

This was then given a light wash of Reikland Fleshshade for depth.

Perdita Ortega is the leader of the Latigo Posse, so I decided to start with her first for color blocking. I blocked in her jacket, and chaps with Citadel Celestra Grey.

IMG_5300 IMG_5301

After blocking in the Celestra Grey on Perdita, I went for a design.

Now, please, keep in mind, I do not freehand.  My hands shake worse than the back deck of a tank at sixty MPH, while firing driving down the interstate.  So please…..be gentle.

I picked out the trim on her Chaps with Vallejo Carmine Red, an old favorite of mine.  I then painted an embroidered edge design on her jacket in the same colors.

IMG_5330 IMG_5331 IMG_5332 IMG_5333

The grey and red areas were then given a light wash with Citadel Nuln Oil.

Placing her aside to dry, I then went to work on Santiago.

I painted his vest the same color red as I used on Perdita, and then used Citadel White-Scar to paint his undershirt.  His neckerchief I painted with Citadel Celestra Grey, and then painted over it with Citadel White-Scar.

IMG_5310 IMG_5316

Using more White-Scar I painted the cuffs of his jacket, and then painted a free-hand design on it.  It’s basically a series of s-curves following the edge of the jacket, and flowing into a design on the corner.  I did the same thing on the collar, and then painted a spade in the center of the half-cloak.  I went on and painted a spade in a medallion design on the right side of the coat bottom panel, after giving his vest a thin wash of Citadel Nuln Oil, and then highighting it with the original shade of Carmine Red.

IMG_5322 IMG_5318 IMG_5317 IMG_5316

Here’s a look at the work so far, with medallion, and some cleaning up with Vallejo Black.

IMG_5329 IMG_5328 IMG_5327 IMG_5326

The highlighting on the coat is a seriously thin coat of Citadel Dark Reaper, and an even thinner touch of Citadel White-scar.  I’m not entirely happy with it, but it’s something that I’m still working on.

The next step was the faces.  This is by far the most difficult, and frustrating part of my entire painting experience.  I dislike it immensely.

Anyway.  I painted Perdita and Santiago’s faces with vallejo white primer.

IMG_5383 IMG_5384

While doing that, I cleaned up a few accidental paint smears on Santiago’s head with Vallejo Black.

I then painted Perdita’s hat with the same shade of grey I used when I blocked in her leathers.


This was then given a light wash of Citadel Nuln Oil around the crown of the hat.  I then used Vallejo Carmine Red to block in her sash.  I then washed it with Nuln Oil, and highlighted it with the same base color.

IMG_5386 IMG_5387 IMG_5388


While I was waiting for the Nuln Oil to dry, I used Citadel White Scar to detail embroidery around the collar, or yoke (according to The Wife ™), and waited.

I utilized a micron pen to draw on her face.  With this miniature her face is largely obscured by her hat, and her hair, and with the pose, it will not be plainly visible on the tabletop.  I drew a skull mouth, and a web pattern extending from her eyes.

IMG_5396 IMG_5397

Picking up Santiago, I painted his eyes with Vallejo Magic Blue, and did a small pattern on his chin.  This was then blacked in using Vallejo Black, and the blue touched up.  I then, with some difficulty used Vallejo White Primer to paint in the whites of his eyes. I also painted a small blue design on his forehead, which I then cleaned up.  His lower lip was painted black, and his tongue painted with  a gore-red color.

IMG_5393 IMG_5391IMG_5398

So from there, I let him dry, and went to work on Perdita, to finish up.

I used Citadel Skink Blue Drybrush to detail her hair, and then did the same to Santiago’s mutton chops and his hair.

IMG_5399 IMG_5400

The final details were done with Vallejo Earth Brown, and then highlighted with Vallejo Terracotta.  The belt buckles, and bullets were painted with Vallejo Antique Gold.  The guns were painted with Vallejo Gunmetal Silver and then given a wash with Nuln Oil.

Here is the more or less finished product.

IMG_5401 IMG_5403 IMG_5404I’m fairly pleased with the finished product, and will begin the basing process next.  I plan on basing them on relatively plain cobblestone bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  These minis are a bit more colorful than I am used to painting, and I want to accentuate the colors.

I don’t have much more to say…..so….


*Cue the music*


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  • Zab

    Nice stuff! The high contrast will look great on the table too 🙂

    • Sabot APFSDS-T

      I hope so.

  • MerryVulture

    Very nice. I may have to give that denim trick a try on my Wild West Exodus figs.

    • Sabot APFSDS-T

      I sort of found it by accident, and a lot of trial and error.

  • Thuloid

    Great looking figures. I love all the little freehand bits.

    • Sabot APFSDS-T

      It’s the very first time I’ve ever tried to do it. It’s a bit rough in places, but it’s getting better every time. Practice makes better I guess….

      • Thuloid

        It does. I’ve used the same pen before– very helpful.

        • that pen is amazing. also, drawing the face rather than painting it is dope to infinity.

  • Bush Craft

    Crazy Cajun let you disappear and paint???

    • Sabot APFSDS-T

      She did. Or rather, I ran and hid.

      • Bush Craft

        After the first year of marriage they become one and the same :/