Infinity N3: Diving in, all hail the Hyperpower

So…heeeeeyyyyy, it’s been a while right? Well, um, we have lives (not that I do anything with mine, but I’m sure everyone else does stuff with theirs). One doesn’t feel like blogging and probably needs to make a page on the book of faces/twitter or whatever to frequently hobby at the community.

Anyway here’s a quick post re: Infinity, the game as someone is getting in on some Pan-O action just as soon as I finish my exam this Friday and obtain the rules (or print out a copy at officeworks or similar). While I do have the nomads from 2013-14, I don’t want to kick off N3 with minis I had during my really horribad anxiety days. Starting fresh with a different faction is the way to go, according to the brain.

It's like Australia, but in space.

It’s like Australia, but in space.

Why do I want to start up infinity? To be quite honest I’ve been channeling GiTS for a while and having an alternative from steampunk/fantasy would be a welcome change. Don’t get me wrong, I love Malifaux as it’s an awesome system with neat minis (and wave 4 is gonna drop soon) but I don’t want to play it all the time. With the advent of Wave 9 in X-wing coming out with ARC-170’s, my little bro will be all over that game, so the future is bright in that regard. Back to Infinity, reiterating that I’m a fan of Ghost in the Shell and do love Sci-fi in general so as an alternative game, it should scratch the itch.


Cannot wait til my exam is done. Still gotta work, but damnit bring on next weekend.

So far, I’ve gotten the vanilla Pan-o set, with the slick new metals along with…

Finally, after about three years I bit the bullet and bought one of them. It’s a badger TC908 aspire or something- was on sale with 53% off so I bought that shit right there, as normally a decent compressor runs around $250. Once my exam is done, I’ll be whipping it out and spraying things and that came out wrong, didn’t it? Anyhow, it’ll probably be another three years before I get a light box and another three before I get a magnifying lamp.

What I want to do though with Pan-O is run the NeoTerra Capitaline sectorial list as the Neoterra Bolts look sweet as all hell and I get to use the Squalo in either vanilla Pan-O or in the NTC sectorial. I have a thing about mechs carrying grenade launchers. Squalo is on the way with bases, as I want to pin using the base tabs a go.


See these guys? They look awesome and I want them.

The plan thus far is to learn the basics/ins and outs of infinity with the vanilla set, then acquire the NTC starter, the bolts pack and the Hexa w/ sniper rifle. Might even get the Dire foes pack with Fusileer Bipandra in that, as she’s a decent medic, according to the Date Sphere. Plus sectorials = link teams, again according to the Data Sphere.

This time around I’ve found a bunch of communities nearby that play infinity (which I swear were not there back in 2013-4) so I’ll try to get games happening soon. Am keen as a bean to get some sci-fi happening.

Stay tuned to moar updates. Possibly. Maybe. No promises, ok?

-The Warlock.

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  • Dragons Claw

    Welcome back to infinity land I’m still really enjoying the game and my local scene is flourishing so all good there. It does seem to have taken off in the last couple of years so those communities might not have been there 2013 or so

    • The Warlock

      😀 It’s good to feel pumped for a game and now that there’s a community I’m feeling pretty stoked for it. Gotta invest in terrain and stuff soon though but yeah, 🙂

      • Dragons Claw

        Corvus belli do these cardboard terrain sets for less than £10 I’m still using the one I got in icestorm gets you well in your way for minimal cost

        • The Warlock

          I had a look at those, $15 AUD isn’t bad! I do want to save for some BP laser terrain though- it’s MDF and you can get 5kg of terrain for $300, including buildings and other terrain, with free postage on that.

  • Thuloid

    Excellent. Those are some beautiful figures–enjoy!

    I have Human Sphere N3 now, but haven’t really dug into it yet. I think I have enough to give a shot at the new Combined sectorial. Maybe I’ll bring the HS books along on vacation and see what I can figure out…

    • The Warlock

      They look like they’ll be a joy to paint! I’ve been out of the infinity loop for a while- the last I recall of the Combined army is that they’re fought to a standstill and Sinsynn was riffing about the giant meteor bug tag being made oop.

      • Thuloid

        Yeah, the bugs are gone, at least for a while. But Combined have some very new and interesting stuff, and a lot of new models.

        • The Warlock

          A whole load of things got slick upgrades O.O Might expand into Aleph in the future once games have been had.

          Also did some digging as to why our Xeno’s favourite xenos went away- the caskuda model was apparently atrocious on the molds and would consistently break them. CB being a smaller industry scrapped them as the costs of repair were getting annoyingly large.

  • The Warlock

    Got mah roolbook and am devouring the fluff of Infinity. Really want to refer to teseum as cock-teseum as every faction seems to want that metal.