It’s easy to blame the dice…..

I have on several occasions put forward the theory that the dice are intelligent creatures whose only goal is to roll 1’s when I need to pass a Terminator saving throw or double 6 when I’m rolling for a crucial Leadership test…..Of course that may just be because I remember when they screw me over but don’t notice at all when they roll average…..

This picture may have little or nothing to do with the following article. I just happen to like it.

A case in point.

I recently had a game with my friend Tom. He was testing out a new Blood Angels list which I was partly responsible for writing and as I couldn’t be bothered to pack away the Infantry Guard army I’d been using and get out something else, that’s what I used.
After several turns of butchering Marines with ‘Blob’ squads of Guardsmen and shooting the shit out of anything not in combat I failed to stop a Jump Pack Assault Squad with a Sanguinary Priest from carving through to my objective and sitting on it. 
All was not lost however…..

All I had to do to get a draw was butcher a few Scouts on his objective and consolidate up a building 3″. There was more than enough Guardsmen to perform this task so it was really going to come down to the consolidation move.
Well that’s what I thought anyway…..
After missing and/or failing to wound with 12 Power Weapon and 18 normal attacks I promptly lost combat against about a half a dozen Sniper Scouts…..Of course being ‘stubborn’ I only needed to pass a Leadership test on a 9…..which I promptly failed…..

The Commissar who was apparently used to dealing with such matters promptly shot a Sergeant through the head and had another go at that Leadership test…..apparently this didn’t have the usual morale boosting effect and they failed again…..
To make matters worse I was now below half strength by one man so the unit was going to be running away indefinitely or until they would be ordered to ‘get back into the fight’ which would have happened on about turn 8 whether they managed to get away or not…..
My last ditch attempt at shooting with my few remaining units failed to dislodge his Assault Squad so I lost at the end of turn 7 🙁
Damn Dice.
It would be easy to blame the legendary dice gods for this defeat and the bit of the game I’ve detailed would seem to validate that theory.
However, During the game I only failed a single Leadership test for ‘orders’ out of the 30-40 I made and that one was promptly passed on a re-roll due to the unit’s Vox Caster, so I could hardly complain about my luck with Leadership tests in general
Not to mention that my ‘Blob’ Squads had been quite happily butchering Marines like it was going out of fashion and I’m sure my hits with ranged weapons was slightly above average as well.
Of course my opponent will probably remember those last few rolls as what won him the game, so whining about dice could be justified on my part if it wasn’t for the fact that my dice were actually better than average overall…..
Except for another little matter…..
So caught up in the enjoyment of rolling masses of dice earlier in the game I forgot to roll the Priests attacks which would have undoubtedly have killed off the last two members of an Assault Squad meaning I would have reached the objective a turn earlier and with enough men so I could have either won the combat or at the very least not run away indefinitely due to being below half strength.
It’s obviously not in my best interests to mention that little fact when I try to justify why I lost to all my other friends later…..
Does all this rambling have a point!!!
Well , yes it does actually. My opponent (as I mentioned earlier) will probably remember those last few rolls as what won him the game, so whining about dice could be justified on my part and it would have been easy to spoil my opponents victory and justify my loss through careful selection of which events from the game I choose to focus on….. 

Version 1

On one hand there’s the tale of how a few improbable dice rolls at the end of the game cost me a draw Vs. an extremely competitive army with my quite frankly laughable yet strangely heroic attempt at making Infantry work in the world of Mech…..
Version 2
On the other hand there’s the story of how my opponents tactical play and solid deployment forced me to make a few errors earlier on that resulted in his victory against my near overwhelming fire-power and number of attacks in combat…..
On this occasion I choose to go with version 2 as the odd loss here and there is good for the character and robbing Tom of the satisfaction of his victory would make me a tosspot of the highest order.
Of course not everybody is as well adjusted as I am……

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