It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine…..

Apparently Games Workshop are working on a new codex featuring a race called the Iwinfucku’s…..All their units have 10 wounds, have all the special rules of every other army, cost 1 point each and if you lose against them your girlfriend is required to perform sexual acts on your opponent……and you don’t even want to know what happens if you don’t have a girlfriend…..
Just kidding…..They only actually have 9 wounds…..
I swear if half the people on the internet forums were around in prehistoric times we’d all still be living in a bloody cave, worshiping rocks and sacrificing people from other caves to make sure the fucking Sun came up each morning…..

Let’s talk about Grey Knights for a moment. I’m in a state of shock you see. Apparently somebody on the internet was wrong……

I can see you’re all amazed as well.
The Internet forums, blogs and various other sources have been telling me how broken it’s going to be, how it’s going to ruin competition, how Dreadknights are too hard, It’ll completely alter the Meta-game of 40K and a million other prophecies of doom. Now that many people have seen the actual codex they’re complaining that everything’s too expensive, Dreadknights aren’t hard enough, Inquisitorial retinues are broken, etc.
Strangely enough I like it…..Sorry, I just do.
First we need to accept that while Games Workshop are making more effort to release balanced codices, there’s always going to be somebody who finds an under-costed unit or a poorly worded special rule and decide to take advantage of the fact in order to win more games.
Somebody like me if I’m honest…..
But is that really a big problem?
Lets look at the last few codices (in no particular order) and a few of their features that were going to bring about the end of the world as we know it,
Space Wolves.
Jaws of the World Wolf, Thunder-Wolf Cavalry.
Okay, Jaws of the World Wolf is an issue if you’re a Tyranid MC player but Thunderwolf Cavalry? If your army can’t stop a T5, 2 wound Marine then I’d suggest looking at your army list again. Razorspam can be annoying if you’ve forgot to bring anti-tank, but overall it’s a well balanced codex with a large number of viable army builds possible.
Blood Angels.
Their vehicles are fast and Mephiston is an unstoppable killing machine.
So the vehicles are 6″ closer to you than they would be if their manned by other Marines. If you can’t deal with armies with fast moving vehicles then I’d avoid playing against Eldar of either type or any army that has skimmers. Mephiston is apparently excellent in close combat…..I’ll have to take your word for that because he’s usually a small pool of Lascannon riddled Plasma somewhere in the distance whenever he’s used against me. Again another book that can do multiple ‘fluffy’ builds as well as competitive ones and even can do competitive ‘themed’ lists that win games with very little thought required.
Dark Eldar.
If they go first they automatically win and they’ll always be going first.
No they don’t. Their vehicles are made of cardboard and most of their infantry is toughness bugger all. They’re an Alpha strike army by design and fragile for purposes of game balance. A well designed Dark Eldar army will generally outmaneuver the hell out of you but isn’t unbeatable by any means whether your going 1st or 2nd against them.
Monstrous Creatures as troops that can make more troops, Oh No.
As a Tyranid player myself I feel entirely justified in punching in the face anybody that says it’s broken in any way. If anything it’s one of the weaker of the recent books but even so can work well if you’re willing to invest the time in learning how to use it. Yes, I can take a lot of T6 wounds but you should be happy about that as it gives you something to do with all that anti-tank that would otherwise be wasted killing a 5 point Termagant each turn.
I could go on but you’ll be happy to hear I’m not going to….Well, not very much anyway…..
There is no unbeatable army of doom any-more. The system is well balanced, relatively straight forward and can be used to make lists that are themed, competitive and in some cases both.
So in the words of the late, great Douglas Adams,

Thoughts, comments and dissenting opinions are (as usual) most welcome.

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