Join Us or Die!

Hey everybody!  Hey Dr. Dethtron (well I’m not really a Dr. but I’ll be an MBA before too long…).

Well anyway, I just wanted to write and implore all of our readers to make sure they not only “follow” this blog, but also to submit your blogs to us for the roll.  As you’ll see if you poke around, we’re not particularly discriminating when it comes who we include.  Basically, as long as your blog is about tabletop gaming or roleplaying, you’re in.  Right now we seem to have a lot of GW related content, as that’s what the site owners play for the most part, but if you know FoW, Warmachine/Hordes, Battletech, or whatever, we’d love to have you on the network.  We’re working to get some authors to talk about other systems right now, but that is a long range project.

I’ve also noticed that there are a few “followers” who have blogs, but haven’t asked to be included in the network.  What the hell are you waiting for?  Click the “join us!” link up top and get on board already, or die.  Ok, so you won’t die, at least through any fault of my own, but I just wanted an excuse to use a picture from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  I secretly like that movie even if Kevin Costner is involved.  Well I guess it isn’t really a secret any more. 

Lastly, if you would like to contribute to our posting schedule, let us know at  We’re not quite ready to start adding permanent extra authors yet, although it will be happening soon, but we’d love to re-post an article you’re particularly proud of or- better yet- put up some original content for the HOP that you wrote.  Fair warning though, I’m a stickler for editing, so don’t be offended if you get an article sent back with lots of red notes on it.  I’m not trying to be a dick, I just want this site to be that good.

Have a great, safe weekend everybody, and we’ll be seeing you shortly.

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  • Hmmm. I might have a few things worth re-posting here if you're in need. I may have to add in some colorful words though. I'll dig through the better of my stuff and see what I find.