Kromlech Conversion Bits

Today’s post is for all of you Ork fans.  I recently stumbled across a company by the name of Kromlech Conversion Bits, who is currently engaged in making all things Orky.  According to their website, their first conversion pack was released in January 2010 and since then, they’ve expanded to offer a total of 9 resin kits over 3 different lines- or if you’re into marketing jargon, they have 3 line product mix width with a 9 unit product mix length. 

Not being an Ork player myself, though I have always liked the imagery and conversion potential in an Ork army, I haven’t gotten a chance to test any of these products out in person.  What I’ve seen and heard about these products has been impressive, though.  Let’s look at their 3 product lines.

Orc War II
First up they offer a set of bits, and even a complete kit now, to convert your Ork army into an alternate reality German WWII army.  Sounds kind of crazy, I know, but here is what Kromlech has to say about the line:
“During last offensive in Ardennes in 44 Hitler called to aid his most trusted scientists and they unleashed strange but devastating weapon on allied forces. This weapon ripped apart barriers between worlds and soon new strange recruits reinforced battling armies. As few stable gates to another worlds still exist war is fought at completely new theatres too.” Now I’m not going to speculate about whether this bit of narrative foreshadows a new game system, but if it did, it’s something I would consider playing.

The line has three products:  German Orc heads (pictured above), a British weapons pack bristling with Stens and Brens, and a German Feldkanone (below) just begging for you to grab some Grots and replace those old Kanons and Lobbas you’ve got sitting around.  The pieces are all beautifully cast and packed to the gills with details.  As they’re also clearly made to fit in with the GW Ork series stylistically, they should be a welcome addition to any WAAAAGGGHHH.
Post-Apocalyptic Mechanical

This is by far their largest category and it helps all of you Ork players out there fill a hole in your lists- Cyborks.  Since GW has yet to release a conversion pack or model for these, massive conversion has been among the only options until now.  Given my love of all things robot and cyborg, this line has some of my favorite minis that they’re making. 

These convenient packs, if used sparingly, should still allow you to keep up the 50% rule on your projects (ie 50% or more of the model is comprised of GW products, making it tournament legal).  The kits, sold  as arms, torsos, and legs, are made to fit together seamlessly with the existing Ork model range.  In addition to the 3-pack of legs pictured above, they also offer a “leg” set with mono-wheels, a CCW weapon arms pack, a gun arms pack, a torso pack, and even a clanking destroyer (below).
Hey guys I’m totally not a Killa Kan
Basing Kit

Here is the line that I don’t understand.  It doesn’t really fit with their existing products and looks like it could be a holdover from a past idea of what the company was going to offer.  Made for people who don’t live in areas where rocks can be found, this kit gives you 11 pieces of resin cast slate to add to your mini bases. 

Having been vocal in the past about my dislike of stacking your minis atop a 6 foot tall pile of cork, rocks, slate, clock parts, or whatever, this is not something I’d be likely to use.  Seriously, that shit just looks silly on anything less than a 60mm base and will make sure that TLOS rocks your ass.  Also, living in an area where rocks are readily available, I see this as wholly unnecessary.

This Stuff Looks Awesome, Where Can I Buy It?
Being a European company (I’m guessing Germany or Poland, but their website has no information about them on it), it looks like their stuff is easy to obtain in the EU.  There are a few actual stores where the products can be purchased in Germany and Poland, but their main reseller is the ever popular Maxmini site.  A partial list of where to buy is available here.  Take note that if you are in the states, the site listed on that page is for wholesalers only.  Without proper papers, you can’t purchase their stuff.  If you own a store though, now you know who you can purchase from to bring in something unique.  I know of at least one US retailer that is selling these though, as FRP games happens to be where I ran across these in the first place.

Final Thoughts
Although Kromlech is a new studio, I’m excited and impressed by their limited offerings so far.  With a great eye for detail and competitive prices (most kits are under 6 Euros, with the Kanone at 12 Euros), I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings for this company.  Poking around their site also shows that they’re going to be branching out into some non-Ork items in the near future, giving them a wider appeal.  Only time will tell if this company catches on, but I’ve got a good feeling based on what they’ve done so far.

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  • Those walker bits are great. So much conversion potential…

  • Some nice AdMech potential in there too.

  • Great stuff, a little bit pricey compared to plastic but not to other resin junk.

    I have almost a full mob of converted Bad Moon cyborks, but I could still use some higher quality bits like these for sure.

  • I'll definitely be shopping here for some AdMech conversions!

  • Loving the Kannonz.

    I may replace my tired old models.