Lack of Direction Kills…Well it Kills Blogs at least…..

I started a blog for no reason other than I thought it would be a good idea, I also thought that I would always have something to talk about…All I needed to do was find my ‘Niche’ and all the Internet could bask in the warm glow of my brilliance…..

I play games a lot of the time so I figured that there would always be some tactical insight to share or at the very least I could do a battle report and you could all laugh at my massive errors in deployment or at that time I forgot to use any of the Swarmlords special rules…..

However…..Doing a Battle Report takes a lot of time, you need to remember to take a lot of pictures, make notes on each decision you made, remember the context of each move and target priority decision as well as make the whole thing seem interesting, informative or hilarious (or some combination of the three if your a bit of a show-off). Now I think about it maybe that’s going to be too much like hard work… pick something else…..

Of course there’s also the army creation process itself. I can optimise a list pretty good and my ability to ‘break’ codices combined with an irritating ability to find loopholes meant that there would be an endless stream of potential articles showcasing my brilliance. Unfortunately it’s not that difficult to find under-pointed and/or overpowered units in a Games Workshop codex or rulebook…..and unless you get a codex a month early and do a post the same nanosecond it arrives in your sweaty little hands you can guarantee that a hundred other blogs have ‘discovered’ any loop-hole that you have even if most of them miss the actual clever stuff by several miles…..

Okay, so I can’t get in first with that sort of stuff, most rumours turn out to be bollocks or are so obvious that everybody was expecting them anyway…..”What? They’re going to give Necrons more personality and tidy-up the ‘we’ll be back rule’….You don’t say……”

Well, I know I can optimise an army list so maybe I can do that for people…..

What do you mean there’s already a site that does that?

Okay, I’ll optimise people’s lists but I’ll treat them like complete cunts while I’m doing it…..

That’s been done as well?

Well that just leaves painting and conversions…and I suck at painting and a conversion idea usually takes me three months to do and even then I’m never happy with the result….

Sometimes you need to know when to stop…..

Of course I could just do a bit of everything and hope some of it’s interesting enough to make people come back the next day.

I’m sure I’ll think of something…..eventually…..

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