Lost and Damned: An introduction into time management

An arcane fastness floats silently across the land slowly, but
purposefully it approaches its destination. Inside the main tower
there’s movement and the sense of frenetic activity. Scrolls are rolled
and unrolled, glassware is moved around, magical artifacts are scrubbed
and nifty skull/pencil holders are thoughtfully repositioned. What
appears to be a mirror attached to a typewriter makes a gentle ‘whuuum’
sound and the sole occupant of the fastness pauses mid-activity. He
waves a hand in front of the mirror. ‘This is the Warlock’ he types. At
first, nothing, then the reply gradually appears on the mirror’s
surface- ‘Where are you? You said you’d be here. I’ve had to get Bush
Craft to remove his doomsday devices off the roof. He’s getting annoyed
as a thunderstorm is due tonight and he needs to do test runs’. The
Warlock hesitates before responding
‘Arcane fastnesses are slow to
relocate. I had to go with a simple levitation spell as teleportation is
risky at best, a simple miscalculation and suddenly eldritch horrors
everywhere– needless to say though, I will be there soon’

sheet is placed over the mirror as the man walks out into his
courtyard. ‘Hmm, I could try to risk a swiftness spell, or would potions
of haste work on metal, brick and mortar?’ 

As the wind blows around him, the fastness floats onwards.

Hey all,

Some time in the dark mists of M21, I had a brief stint as a respectable and mature blog author
at the HoP. This was a short-lived venture due to a lethal cocktail of
part-time shift work, part-time uni and a giant miscellaneous category
and was severely reducing any time to spend on hobbies and/or other
enjoyable activities. Burnout soon followed, and until November ’14
there was no hobby/relaxation. What I’m getting at here is that I am
under no threat of pretty-brick-purse-to-face in posting these articles
(I got to renew my ‘contract’ on a 2-ply napkin and only used 3quarts*
of blood to do so) and have been given a kinda-sorta direction as to
content. Content that will roughly be the same until I can up the ante
on my painting and gaming skillz.

Mine’s AB+ and filled with essential vampire nutrition and saproling juice

This content is something we all claim to
do well but either fail spectacularly at or perform at a subpar level.
No, I’m not talking about miniature wargaming generalship 😛 – I’m talking about Time Management.

been expecting you, blog article reader…what do you mean you’ve been
here the whole time? Right well, er, moving on. Time management is a
multi-headed, multi-wound monster that we need to tackle at some point
if we are ever going to Get S**t Done.

Time management
with regards to hobbying/gaming/painting/etc can be tricky through to
completely unfeasible if you don’t invest enough thought and strategy
into organisation you’ll be up to your ears in a mountain of plastic,
metal, resin and TEARS.

Like this, only you’ll feel like a badly painted space marine.

Firstly, and I want you to follow me on this- You cannot manage ‘time’ per se, you can however manage events
that take up time. If you can in fact manage time itself, please skip
forward to next week and pass on any lotto results. Now, you could
google search a wealth of information regarding time management. Most of
it is bovine faeces. Good time management happens to you after you’ve experienced the results of bad time
management. As a university student, please take my word on this- many
an overnighter and ‘all-day-before-it’s-due’ sessions have happened (I’m
not proud of it) where assignments and projects have been started and
completed quite close to due dates.

Since this post is both an introduction of myself and to my schtick (for now…duh duh DUHHhhhhhhh) I’ll cover a few basic things. AUTHOR’S NOTE: This advice is completely and utterly 99.5% (+/- 3% accounting for random error) optional and you do not have to in any way, shape or form have to follow the tips given out here.

  • Firstly: What is it that you want to achieve hobbywise?

    -Fully painted armies? Handmade gaming boards? To have X games in a given time period?
    -Define your goals and ensure (for your sanity) that these are realistic. Please don’t try and build a 1:1 Imperial Star Destroyer Fleet.
    -Reasonable goals can again be built upon. You’ve completed your space marine battle company? Cool, let’s make a gameboard for them/add some allies (PDF, killed to a man).


(An aside- I apologise for the above pic. I felt like something time management-y was needed, but I feel well, wrong as these sort of images rub my soul the wrong way. Mayhaps be due to a dislike of middle management).

  • Secondly: How soon do you want to complete said goals?

    -Look at your project/goals and determine how best to space out everything so you aren’t overwhelmed. If you have a particular deadline (say a tournament, anniversary, footy final is in a week) then it would be pertinent to dedicate a greater portion of spare time towards this.
    -Breaking down an army/faction into constituent units makes a project much easier to manage and also has the benefit of showing you the progress firsthand. This makes for a good motivator as you’re actively seeing unpainted models become painted, or that gameboard take shape.
    -Chiming in here, my Slave to Darkness project (Legions of Chaos) has a deadline of 2359, 31/12/15 to fully paint every chaotic unit.
    -This is a reasonable goal since the deadline is the end of year but only if I attempt to paint one unit at a time. If I were to lump everything on the table in November and randomly pick a model and change colour schemes, nothing will get done.

  • Thirdly: Target saturation = assign priority.

    – This one’s straightforward. Assign a priority to units in an army/terrain features for a board. I know there’s more to the hobby than this but I’m using basic examples. Baby steps people, c’mon. Anyhow- using 40k as the example here: Now that troops are scoring+1, a tactical squad may have priority to be painted over say, a rhino transport.

This should be enough for now, as I don’t want to exhaust everything in one post, if you have any questions, etc. leave a comment and your call will be placed in a queue as it is very important to us. Worth pointing out I’m on a monthly post contract (thus far, again, baby steps) so I’ll be around.

As for music, well…eh. I can’t find anything that I like that I think you’d like, so DoW intro!

Til the next time,

The Warlock


quart  is roughly 4.546 cups (US), which equals approximately 0.237L,
so almost 3L of blood was used in this contract. I think my boss is either
summoning undead/demons or is a vampire, or has a vampire friend who’s
relapsing on blood. Or something.

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