Lost and Damned: Recognising stress and getting started.

Continuing on from last time, there’s a few things that will be covered (in non-professional detail, of course) in relation to time management.

Regarding being overwhelmed- this is why this series exists! At least, in a kinda-sorta way in that a tomato (pronounced toh-may-toe here in Oz) is technically a fruit. The ultimate goal here is not to enable us to strictly regiment ourselves into maximising time usage efficienciency, nay it is to provide tips, tricks and a framework on how to keep juggling the chainsaws and kittens which are (in a metaphorical sense, unless you actually juggle both of those) events in our lives.

Please do not juggle kittens and chainsaws concurrently
unless you are a trained and licensed professional
Chainswords are for slaying heretics and not for juggling. Just DON’T.

No seriously, just plz no. There’s content here, I swear. Tangents are just like Orks though- they’re EVERYWHERE.

I may also have to follow up with what I was originally going to discuss in another post. We’ll see though.

Life is stressful, no two ways about it, but how much is real (ie: deadlines, disgruntled customers and so on) and how much is self-imposed or imagined (ie: is it really going to matter much if the dishes are done later instead of now?). Don’t sweat the small things- give yourself some leeway with self-set deadlines. Not too much though or we’re back at square one and even more stressed out. I know it sounds basic and trite, but seriously do think about it.

Stress intertwines with anxiety (pack yer bags kiddies, we’re going on a tangent!) and is a major source of imagined stress. As a former chronic anxiety sufferer, I can empathise with an ‘s’ (fucking spellcheck) towards those who suffer anxiety. It doesn’t feel good. When feeling overwhelmed, remove yourself from the room and take deep breaths (in through nose, out through mouth) with your forefinger just underneath your clavicle (collarbone) and your thumb doing the same for your other clavicle. Do this whilst having your eyes closed and focus purely on the breathing. If you focus on the breathing alone, you’ll block out everything and start feeling more relaxed. 🙂

As for getting started, referring back to the first three ‘baby steps’ ugh that sounds juvenile. We’re adults damnit! First three “introductory line stages”. There we go. Firstly you need to sit down (at home, office, on a cactus, anywhere really) and define your goals, or list tasks for the day/week. Be gentle but firm with yourself, remind yourself of the why, the what and the how. What is it that I want to accomplish? Why am I doing this? How am I going to accomplish said goals?

Example: With the Slave to Darkness project over on my blog, I chose one unit at random to get started (it was a unit of ogres). While it sounds simple enough, picking that beginning unit/task is slightly difficult as we can bite off more than we can chew. Start simple and work your way up. It is highly rewarding to one’s self to learn techniques and practice them on basic units then apply the honed skills on a character model, etc. If you’re building a game table, er, you’ll be sanding and nailing like a pro?

Wrapping this up, as I wanted to address feedback/comments before moving onto the newer stuff (next week at the earliest);


  • Start small and work up- use basic troops/units to get those foundation techniques down!
  • If you find yourself unable to begin, tell yourself “I can do this, I’m going to do this”. Self-affirmation can go a long way. What’s most important is that you believe in yourself.
  • If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, or feel overwhelmed, take a step back and remove yourself from the situation. 
  • Do not ever juggle kittens and chainsaws concurrently

The Warlock, whose advice you can disregard if you wish. Except the bit about the juggling.

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