Managing Fear

At least you could have tried,
It is way past time and we’re scattering ashes,
You take everything in sight.
Please hear me now,
You, you are leaving me with scars!
Fear is the weakness in all of us.
It’s sad to see you go,
It’s not meant to be easy,
But you drag us down.
Burden of the evidence grows..
The same road for far too long…
It’s not meant to be, we are losing identity.
Fear is the Weakness, In Flames 
There’s superlative, sublime and sorrow. There’s dreams, whimsy and hope and then there’s reality. There’s greatness, boldness and impertinence, and then there’s fear. 
Fear has a way of being all manner of things- from flippant to infuriating and serious and soul-shattering. Fear has a voracious appetite and it eats at the things that hold you up and that you hold dear. It can turn your faith to shambles and erode away your center, the sluice of anguish and foreboding far more powerful than the timbers of your mind palace. 
The “Method of Loci” wasn’t as pretty. 
So, this has been a lot of words and not a lot of meaning. It’s tough to explain a place of fear to someone not in it, and those that aren’t in it (especially those possessing the XY chromosome complement) tend to want to fix that place. 
I don’t really want fixing. I am pretty cognizant of what can or should be done for my immediate situation, but I wanted to address how fear can impact a business, at least in passing, 
Operating a margin business like a game store, coffee shop, mom-pop restaurant or other small affair is often like a blind man playing bumper cars. Sooner or later, something is going to get crunched. If you drive your little rubber surrounded vehicle in that state of mind I just mentioned, you’ll stall. 
I don’t know what this is about, but it made you stop and look, right?

I won’t let the world break me 
So I need to change direction 
Where the Dead Ships Dwell,  In Flames 
That’s kind of what you have to do if you’re afraid as a business person. You have to refuse to give in and sometimes you need to change direction. Sometimes that direction is “more left” when you are currently going left, but a change is needed in order to overcome letting someone or something else shape your decisions. 
If you let fear manage you, you’re never in control. That’s something that most GOOD business owners want more than anything- control. I’ve seen TheDude go bonkers over something silly that was getting away from him. I didn’t understand it, but he knows what he wants control over- and it’s usually everything. One way get past that is a pretty trite thing, but it’s catchy as all hell.

Competition, bad stock choices, overspending, labor, changing client base- all of it can either paralyze you, or you can TS it and move on. The challenge of doing it is pretty hard at times, and sometimes it can’t be pinned down to a specific thing which makes it harder to get past.

Maybe this isn’t just game store related. Maybe this is personal and I am dealing with it outside of my head. Or maybe I watched The Replacements the other day and all of a sudden I am afraid of bees and spiders and quicksand.

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