Mighty Thor Presents: Command Center

In addition to doing about 92.924% of the work on Creative Twilight, Thor is also a programmer with a heart of gold.  Which is functionally way better than a prostitute with a heart of gold, but less interesting in terms of writing a story about the wild west.  Anywho, Thor’s gone ahead and created an army building tool he calls Command Center and cordially invites you to check it out.  There are a ton of cool features in it – chief among them being how this tool is a free service.  Followed very closely by “being boss and cool.”  I’ll let Thor take it from here:

Are you tired of using a 40K list builder that relies on getting updates for it so you can create an accurate list? Do you hate having to pay an annual license fee? Does it piss you off to have created a list to only forget it at your house and have no way of getting it? Well, you’re going to love Command Center! It slices, it dices it juliennes! Alright, maybe it doesn’t do that but it does address the questions posed.

This is Thor from Creative Twilight. I created Command Center over two years ago because of the stuff mentioned above. I also created it because as a player I found the best way to really learn and understand your army is through the repetition of list creation. Command Center is not what you’re used to and it’s not for everyone. If you like to use a program that tells you how to build your lists, offers you (hopefully), the correct options with the correct values then you’re not going to like Command Center. If you’re the type of gamer who writes lists by hand, uses a spreadsheet or just wants clean looking lists they can access from anywhere then feel free to read on.

Tired of the sale pitch sounding shit? Me to. Moving on.

Command Center is a free web based 40K list building tool. It’s simple and that’s the idea honestly. You create lists by adding units and entering in EVERYTHING. Yes, you have to work to use this. Think of it as a spreadsheet online with some built in features. Once you’ve saved a roster, and you can create as many as you want, the program will use auto-completers to help you build lists faster based on what you’ve saved previously. Next time you start typing Tactical Squad it will offer up an auto-completer you can click and it will populate the unit stats for you. You will still have to enter in the wargear and appropriate costs though. Again, the idea is for you to know your army and learn it. You can copy existing rosters to easily modify, print the roster in a clean presentable format and share the roster so you can easily show other people and more. There’s a fair amount under the hood of Command Center and I’m constantly updating as it’s something I use all the time.

I feel it’s a tool a lot of people will find useful but I know it’s not for everyone. The idea of simplicity does also extend beyond learning your army, it also helps me avoid GW lawsuits or cease and desist letters. Centralizing a database that houses all of 40K’s army information to offer up for free to the world is a sure way to get shut down. So by design you only see stuff you’ve entered, there’s no cross data access allowed. When you share a roster it will not show the sensitive information that would have GW breathing down my neck.

That being said, I’m always after feedback be it praise or criticism. If it sucks then tell me why it sucks. I want to ensure the 40K community has another army building tool option available to them that’s free and worth using. If I can make it better then I’ll do just that.

You can find Command Center here http://cmdctr.net and it’s free to join. No bullshit, no spam emails, just a tool that everyone is welcomed to use.

So go check that out guys.  Thor has poured his Asgard heart into this one.


I began playing Warhammer 40K in 2006 and have been an avid player and hobbyist since then. Blood Bowl is also a favorite of mine though I rarely get to play it. Blogging has become my outlet for all those random thoughts regarding the games I play.

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