Monday Madness 9 – Giant Ships and more!

Some new victim members joining the fold today!

Sons of Sotha  — 40K. 
The blog is 18 months to 2 years old now and mostly 40k based, my chapter is the Scythes of the Emperor and I intend over the next few years to build and paint the whole chapter, I estimate this will be around the 8000 to 9000pt mark, I do occasionally embark on the odd side project when I get sick of all the black and yellow but never lose sight of the goal.
Nerds vs. Ninjas-   Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes, Flames of War, Bolt Action, Arena Rex, Kingdom Death: Monster, Dragon Ball Z, Painted Miniatures, This Geek’s Week, Geek Rants, Unboxing/Review, Armylists
Waynedale Gaming-  Warmachine, Hordes, general gaming, issues of no consequence . 
We here at Team Waynedale Gaming (henceforth TWG) are self aware enough to know we are not God’s gift to the internet (that honor is reserved for cat videos). Nonetheless, the lot of us enjoy creating content regarding our favorite factions, cracking lame jokes, and sharing our hobby experiences.  It’s not special, but it’s damn good.  Anyway, looking forward to that advertised sexual magnetism!
And now for the Giant ships that were advertised….
More after the jump…

Check out “Pirates and Skeletons”, a self-made naval battle game that a local guy I know is working on. He brought it out to playtest at the playtest convention of the board game competition I’m involved in- and it’s bad ass!

Giant ships, check. Islands to dig up treasure, check.

HUGE board, check. 
Release the Kraken! 
I may have had more than a little fun checking this out. Maybe. 
I know there were some readers asking about naval games recently- there’s one being homebrewed as we speak! 

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