Monday Madness- Another Member!


We have a new member! And they wrote a HILARIOUS essay!

Bay Hammer Radio 

Warhammer 40k, Games Workshop, California, Reviews, podcast, hobby

Last year we spent over $20 on advertising and brand development with our target audience of 18-35 year olds. Our research has shown that continuing with our current strategy of exploiting underpaid labor in Pilipino call centers should lead to more gross revenue in 2070 and larger payouts to our top tier  class A investors. We have also leveraged the power of big data solution service providers to increase the longevity and exposure of our key product in key markets which should allow us to further expand into developing hacker spaces and food truck optimization buzzword generators. These modules should be integrated into our SaaS platform no later than Q3 of the next fiscal year. We believe that this dedication to changing the paradigm of net based self serve content delivery is what gives us an edge over competing blogs and aggregators and builds on our already solid customer confidence index that has already demonstrated our ability to run lean, but have a broad reach in the market.

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