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The Emprah’s Mighty Flow’ry Meadow :  Warhammer 40k, Astra Militarum, Battle Report, Knight Commander Pask, Abaddon, Failbaddon, FIGHTAN

The odd name for my blog is actually the name for my BANEBLADE SUPER-HEAVY TANK.  I received it from a good friend for Christmas, and I wound up spending the entire holidays building it.  In order to (hopefully at least partially) assuage my wife, I allowed her to name the damned thing.  It stuck.  Frankly, I find it refreshing as compared to typically grimdark names like DOOMXENOCRUSHER or SUPREME VENGEANCE.  This name adds insult to injury.  “You just had your ass handed to you by the Mighty Baneblade: Fairy Princess.”  God help me if we ever have a daughter, my tanks’ names will digress *SIGNIFICANTLY*.
I started writing up Batreps to create a log of how STOOPID I was in the early going.  I feel like it’s rare that I make the same mistake twice these days.  This remains the focus of my writing.

Crac des Chevaliers – Flames of War, Painting, FOW
Making Little Boy Noises – miniatures wargaming 

And it’s that time again for IDIC Beer’s HFH! Details below. 

WIN AN ARMY! HELP for HEROES ‘Ultramarines’ Tickets on Sale Now!

Nick speaking,

Just in case you are not aware, I am helping to oversee a team of over forty very talented wargamers from the YouTube community, to give you a chance to win a fantastic Ultramarines army, all built and painted. All the proceeds from this project will go towards the HELP for HEROES charity, which I am sure you will all agree, is a very worthwhile cause…

Our previous ‘Salamanders’ army raffle raised £7317.81, and we hope that we can match or beat that figure with this new army, which will be the Ultramarines forth company. The army is not yet complete, but all the wargamers involved in the project are working as hard as they can to make the army look as amazing as we can get it. 

Tickets now on sale!

To have a chance of winning this awesome army, just visit the HELP for HEROES ‘Ultramarines’ Official Home Page here on my Blog. The tickets are now available to buy at a cost of £2.00 GBP each and all the money made from the raffle will go to the HELP for HEROES charity. The raffle is a worldwide event and postage of the final army will be free to the winner. Sadly, we are unable to cover any addition charges that may occur, such as import tax etc. We will once again showcase the army at Salute 2015 and the draw will take place soon after that even.

HELP for HEROES ‘Ultramarines’ Army

This is a list of all the models in the army so far, which is expanding as I speak. You will also be able to see pictures of the completed units at the bottom of the home page. 

Main Units:
Aegis Defence Line x1
Assault Squad x2
Attack Bike x1
Bastion x1 
Bike Squad x1
Command Squad x1 
Command Squad (Forge World) x1
Command Squad Terminators x1
Contemptor Dreadnought x2
Centurion Squad x1
Devastator Squad  x2
Dreadnought x3
Drop Pod x3
Greater Daemon x1 
Imperial knight x1
Land Raider x1 
LandSpeeder x1
Predator x1
Praetors x1
Razorback x1
Rhino x3
Scout Squad x1
Storm Raven x1
Storm Talon x2 
Tactical Squad x10
Terminator Squad x1
Vanguard Veteran Squad x1
Venerable Dreadnought x1
Vindicator x1

Special Characters:
Librarian x1 
Librarian Tigurius x1
Captain Titus x1
Sergeant Sidonus x1
Limited Ed. Figure x2
Chaplain Judd Clausel x1
Hero/Sergeant x1
Captain Invictus & Retinue x1
Sargeant Tellion x1
Master Apothecary x1
Uriel Ventris x1
Veteran Captain/Sargeant x1
Standard Bearer x1
Captain Master of the Marches x1
Captain Master of the Rites x1  

Good Luck Everyone!

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