Monday Madness- When Boss Lady Is Away

HoP Headquarters is deserted today. All of the usual suspects are missing from view, and the office is bereft of its standard chatter and hum.

Several glass bottles are piled up under the front window, with scraps of paper stuffed inside them. Loquacious comes in the front door for a moment, sees the notes and picks them up.

She peeks inside and mutters what we can only assume are the messages inside, and makes remarks to herself as if she were talking to the persons who left them.

“Escaped my pen… catch me if you can…” – “Hm. SinSynn is on the loose again. I will have to track him down sometime.”

“In court, blah blah blah”- “Cedrick’s usual.”

“Got engaged and still wrote a post” – “yes, Von. We’re all excited.”

“Check under your bag, there’s a surprise” – “BushCraft surprises, huh. I think I will wait.”

“I want to join your network” – OH! A New member!!!!


“I guess that means I have to get back to work…”

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