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What is up, Players?

I’m on a short respite from a hectic bit of training out in the Arizona desert. It’s not just a literal desert, my hobby life has been a metaphorically barren wasteland. The original plan was a few weeks of an easy “Gentleman’s Course” where I would have plenty of undisturbed free time in the evenings and weekends to paint troopies and finish off a few armies, followed by a multi-month suckfest where I got up at 5:00am (yes, there’s a five in the morning, trust me on that one) and get back from class around 10:00. That’s ten at night, in case you were wondering why I’m whining about a five hour work day (which I would still totally do, if we’re being honest with each other). Weekends? Ha-HA! Good joke, you had me going.

Until last weekend, that is! Time to catch up on all the bloggery I missed this month. There’s so much! The cybertubes are buzzing and I’ve been enthralled. Let’s have a boo, kiddies. Before we begin, take a moment to buckle up and follow all directions from your flight crew. There’s a lot coming your way and it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Since no one ever reads intros and always skips straight to the page jump I’m gonna write “poop-poop, poopy-poop, i like farts” and none of you will ever notice. More ha-HA!

Sadly lacking a “What to do in case of Smaug”

Another downside of being stuck out here in Arizona is that I missed out on Thanksgiving with la familia. So, a bunch of us from class decided to host our own for ourselves. Without positive influences like “small children” and “dissaproving spouses” we may have gotten a little carried away with our celebrations. Ugh, I’m glad I have the weekend to sleep it off. Monday came around much too soon. Which leads me to this edition of KHOP Pirate Radio…

Disclaimer: I can’t stand Def Leppard. I think they’re a stupid band with an even stupider name, but every once in a while I listen to this and remind myself that even a stopped clock is right a couple times a day. It’s definitely a fair bit of audio admonishment while I crawl out of bed and find something greasy to settle my stomach.

Not actually me, but it’s a tournament-legal proxy.

In no particular order they are:

Tom Schadle Miniatures – Maghariba Guard. I found Tom’s site by accident looking for local Infinity players in Arizona back when I was delusional about the free time I’d have. He’s a top-notch painter who’s avaliable for hire, and this Magaree …Magar ….Margarita …Something-something Guard is phenomenal. Maybe the scorching desert here is the muse for his gorgeous Haqqislam, but all I have to say to that is ARIADNA FOR LIFE, SUCKA!

Sable and Spray – Game Changers: OSL and Victoria Lamb’s “Rescue of Sister Joan”. Kelly drops knowledge bombs like an air raid, and this series has been great. Yes, yes, we’ve all seen this piece by now but like his other articles in the series this one goes far beyond it, detailing the lineage of what’s come before and after. I have a Super Secret Project coming up that will rely heavily on OSL, so I was pleased as punch to see so many great examples in here. Come for the Lamb, stay for the Lictor!

Corehammer – Emperors Children Fellblade #3 – Weathering. Final days of a wicked cool project. Although I maintain my “Fuck 40K” opinion of things, who doesn’t like seeing a super heavy tank done up right? That’s right: No one. Bonus points for Chaos. Dunno about that Depeche Mode, though. NEEDS MOAR METAL.

Secret Weapon Miniatures – How to Make a Manhattan. Why I love this company. If you haven’t heard, Misterjustin is putting out quick two-minute tutorials at a rapid clip and this one is hilarious. The others are legit hobbiness, whatever that’s supposed to mean, but this is by far the best. In other news: I got picked up as a SWM Frontliner. Yay for me! Stuff like this is why I raised my hand to become an official rep.

The Unremembered Legion – The Great Work – Ian attempts the improbable. This man just lost his mind and you should follow his descent into madness.

Feed Your Nerd – Monstrous Inception. Straight from the lair of my favorite bear-poker, Greggles, comes a comic series by one of his co-authors, Shantz. In this one he pokes  fun at some absurdity in the new Tyranid Codex.

Wargaming Tradecraft – Airbrushing Index. DaveG is back in the saddle and absolutely killing it with the tutorials. Here he assembles everything you could ever want to know about airbrushing.

Wargaming Tradecraft – Thagrosh, Herald of the Crystalline Affliction. I told you he’s back! There’s about a million kinds of awesome going on here. First off, he breaks new ground embedding actual amethysts into his wife’s crystal-themed Warmachine army. I don’t particularly care about amethysts or Warmachine and I still think this is amazing stuff. Then he goes and does a great job of explaining ‘mapping’, where you put translucent layers of paint on top of strong contrasts, in this case it’s to make a very realistic skin tone. Ridiculous, will it ever end with this guy? No: There’s also the plucky cause of a fellow gamer pouring his heart and soul into his wife’s minis. I’m right there with you, my man. *fistbump*

Big Lee’s Miniature Adventures. Not a single post, but his entire blog. From bizarre forays turning Flames of War from 15mm to 6mm (something I think is a great improvement on the game), to visiting the wealth of WW2 museums in Great Britian, to book reviews, to Napoleonic batreps with his mates. Big Lee is my hero, and a special treat to all you historical gamers out there. Nobody gives a shit about Google+ and his profile still has a thousand followers and 10 million views.

Almost Perftec – WIP: Large Scale Anime Style Vampirella. Looks like Zab’s lost his mind, too. Good luck with this, buddy!

Almost Perftec – WIP: Shipping the Giant Squig. Here’s a real sob story. You’ll cry at the end of it, consider yourself warned. Hugs for you, my man. Let our tears mingle.

Ian Lawrence Models – Space 1999 44″ Eagle Transporter 1/24th, Studio Or Thereabouts Scale. The best model builder I’ve ever seen gets his shit up and running after a short break due to health and computer problems. Looks like the old boy is getting into CAD and 3-D printing at his shop and the results are incredible. His page is a bit dated and a pain to navigate, so here’s the link to his index for you to grovel in awe at everything he’s done for the past 30 years. Every technique you could ever want to do is in here, and they have extensively photographed walkthroughs. May I recommend tonight’s special the “Aliens Dropship with APC” for your main course, Monsieur? It’s mostly scratch-built and fully lit with fiber optics, sourced from locally grown organic ingredients. It pairs nicely with his 1/2400th scale “USS Sulaco”. No link, because you’ll have more fun looking around for it.

Big Boss Redsdkullz – Going Retro With Chaos Dwarves, Part 6. HELL YES. Not only do I totally support Chaos Dwarf armies of all shapes and sizes, but this dude figured out a way to base his core troops on Necrons. My god. His main blog here has the rest of the project, unfortunately this one is only available on BoLS (boo, hiss). If you click the BoLS link be careful where you step: BS piles up pretty high in those parts.

Crits Kill People – Infinity History: Social. What better way to while away the [infuriatingly random] days until 3rd edition drops than a trip down memory lane? Tevesh takes us for a trip and ties it all up neatly. Ah, those were the days.

*           *           *

So, did I actually accomplish anything worthwhile this month besides copying and pasting the latest and greatest of other people’s efforts? I did, thanks for asking, although you could have phrased it nicer. I did have a bit of time to finsh up Doña Craft’s wily Nomads force before my school started kicking me in the gonads. This will be one of her Christmas presents (shhhh, don’t tell) inside an army bag from Portable Warfare, D20s from Chessex, and the new 3rd edition Infinity templates from Warsenal. All of it in hot pink, natch, because she wants her troopies to look pretty while they goosestep through your capital cities. Fear the midget mexican!

So vicious.

Where are my sunglasses?

Seriously. Where?


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