[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Connecting People with Games

Helping a customer find “just the right game” is one of my favorite things to do.

I highly enjoy finding new, interesting, challenging and fun games for my customers to try. I like it so much I extend it to friends over the internet, too. I’ve helped many a blogging buddy come into a game that thrills them and presses their “ooh shiny” button.

Some customers are tougher than others. Sometimes their criteria are harder to figure out, or there are things that are inobvious about what they find really appealing.

A good example: one of my regulars has literally thousands of figures, for many different systems. If it has miniatures in it, he has probably played it at one time or another. The major exception to this is Malifaux. He hasn’t really shown any interest, and so I asked him about it.

He just didn’t find any faction that appealed to him. He doesn’t play undead, evil or demonic armies. Even the Guild in Malifaux is a bit rough around the edges, and it turned him off. The system is fine, and he likes the skirmish level nature of the game. He loves the support and the community around the game; but there was no singular “hit” on his emotional connection to the game.

We talked a bit about other games he ‘has figures for’ and wound up discussing Infinity. He has some Ariadna Loup-Garoux and Highlanders – striking firmly on his “favorites”; Scots and werewolves. This game has a faction he enjoys and identifies with, and so he picked up some miniatures.

Without asking questions, I might have assumed he played “any” miniatures game; and in talking with him I learned some new aspects of his preferences and   interests. I’m pretty sure he already found his perfect game, but he likes the chase enough to keep looking for new options.

I want to help folks find games. It’s fun. I think this is so much fun, I’m extending it to the readers here.

I’m starting a new series called “Stump the Shopkeep”. I’ll do my best to connect you with the games that are going to be awesome and fun. Let me know what you like, let me ask you a question or two, and I’ll come up with some ideas.

You can leave comments here, or email me- but I look forward to this adventure. Hit me up!

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