[Musings of a Game Store Owner] “Versus” the Internet

“Don’t even get me STARTED on the internet”- Me, to Dethtron; sometime last year

I have a lot to say about the internet -as a game store owner, there are certain level of assumptions that are made about how the internet interacts with retail businesses and their ability to continue to operate. It’s not just a whistle in the dark, either. Conversations like this one happen on a long and frequent scale. I have definite information (and even evidence) about that topic, but I really haven’t talked about that because it tends to cause arguments (or people ignore my POV because it doesn’t match their assumptions).

Rather than argue with a stump, I just leave the arguable things alone.

I think I’m done with that for a while, and I’m discussing the internet. I’ll be talking about the topic in what I hope will be an in-depth way, and I’m open to commentary and suggestion. If you want to ignore me, that’s cool too.

Overall, the internet is pretty effin’ cool.

It has

Yeah, porn.

It also has


These are all “good things”, right?  Ubiquitous things that all of us have used or checked out at least once or twice, and maybe even learned something because of them.

Taken in that context, I see them as pretty cool, if not downright awesome.  There’s a lot about the internet that is like that- taken in the right context, it’s smileworthy,  and sometimes downright amazeballs.

It’s not just “what” one considers, but also “how”- how it’s used or how it’s perceived- and I think that’s what I will be looking at with this investigation. I mean, the internet can be used to do all kinds of things, including talk about cool stuff (shameless self promotion); or have conversations that become cool (read the whole series, it’s worth your time); or just show off something pretty awesome. It’s important to talk about what we are doing with it, how, and why in order to make any sort of headway.

I see things on the internet all the time that are really useful- and then I see things that just drive me insane. As a store owner, these particular things are often magnified exponentially because of how my customers see them, or because of how they make me look.

It’s the “how the internet affects me” that I will be talking about. It’s a complicated and nuanced topic, and one that I can’t cover in just one go- because it depends on what site (or kind of site) how my business is helped (or hindered).  The kind of site also helps determine my response (or lack of one) and how I approach my customers.

Because there’s more than one site (or kind of site) on the internet, I will be looking at this over a few weeks. I hope to talk about forums, blogs, video and commerce sites, as well as a few other topics I’m still considering.

There’s a lot to discuss, consider and investigate- so I hope you’ll join me. Feel free to ask questions or suggest a direction, because this is just the beginning. 

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