New Member Monday – 2 Members and a Contest

Hey folks, just a brief and, late, update on our new members before I need to get back to overseeing extended hours at the information mines.

Cigar Box Battles
Keywords: tabletop wargaming (all), role playing games (all), board games (all), total gaming knowledge

North of the Golden Throne
Keywords:  40k, being bad at identifying when someone wants you to give them more than one descriptor for a website

Like I said, I’m pressed for time, so I’ll leave you with a contest that was brought to my attention:

Air Supplies (the compressed air specialists – not the performers of “I’m all out of love”) are doing a pretty easy-peasy contest for a free air compressor.  One of these, to be exact:

All you gotta do is send them a photo of your favorite model.  As in, one you actually own, not just one you like.  No idea if they’ll ship to people outside the UK, but full contest dealie-bobs can be found here.

As usual, the House of Paincakes is not being paid for our time, nor are we endorsing

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