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Hello everyone!  It’s another fantabulous week at the House of Paincakes.  I don;t know why I have to keep telling you that.  You guys should really mark your calendars.  Like, for serious.  If it helps, think of the suggestion as a continuation of Dethtron’s most recent and always excellent Gaming on a Budget.

For those of you who didn’t know, it’s  Martin Luther King Jr. day here in America!  One of our very few national Holidays that celebrates a private citizen.  As important as the day is, it’s had a fair bit of trouble in making it’s way toward national recognition.  The full story is kind of a bummer on the face of it, but there are some bright spots.  So while the people and places you would expect to resist the Holiday (Jesse Helms, Arizona), there were some nice surprises as well.  Most notably that the NFL was instrumental in in dragging one of the last states to observe the Holiday into common decency.  Specifically through boycotting the state for a Super Bowl.  This ultimately cost Arizona half a billion dollars.

New Member Monday

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No essay this week, but as you may have noticed, GW did a MASSIVE update on their FAQs.  Stelek does a solid job of identifying and breaking down the changes.  If you want the condensed version , head on over to YTTH.  I know I sure as hell did.

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