New Member Monday – Consequences of Change

Hey ladies and gentlemen, we have another new member. This guy commented on the new look, and it does seem that the changes we’ve made are helping things overall.  I like positive things!




Our new member can be found here: Bill’s Raving Rant

Other changes happened in my life recently- some of you may know I adopted a new dog. Her name is Furiosa (“Osa” for short) and she is missing a hind leg. She’s flipping adorable, as long as you aren’t a senior dog named Cash (who already lives with us and isn’t going anywhere).

They are finally getting along and doing well, but it’s been a long week.



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  • Welcome to the dysfunctional family, Bill. Run, run now while you still can.

    Good news, Lo. I can only imagine the fun of integrating the two dogs. I assume it’s been a territorial issue?

  • Thuloid

    Furiosa? Nice. Please tell me next you’re getting a dog (or a child–that’d be ok as well) named Coma the Doof Warrior.