New Member Monday – Continuing Additions

Hey folks, Loquacious here.


I know I’ve been sparse lately but I promise I still have a heavy purse and will wield it with impunity against any infraction here at the House. I have a couple things going on in my background that have gotten my attention, but I hope to have that resolved pretty soon.


We have some wonderful additions this week, and I’m always happy to see new blogs getting added to the rosters!


A Miniature Odyssey  Greetings,
After spending a fair amount of time over the past few years reading WFB/40K blogs I decided to create my own.

I am still learning a lot about the background of blogging but hope to contribute something positive to the community.

I have wrought my simple plan  I’m relatively new to this blogging lark but in November last year I decided it was time to introduce my nine year-old son to the wonderful world of wargames and I figured it would be fun to start a blog together as a kind of diary of our adventures together…and here we are! My son has taken to the hobby like a duck to water and repeatedly destroys my warbands on the kitchen table! As for the blog itself…I’ve been a bit taken aback by both the interest in our humble adventures and the kindness and enthusiasm of the wargaming bloggers community of which we’ve become a part! May it long continue!

As a mother who introduced her kids to gaming, I heartily concur. May it long continue!


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  • Von

    I’ve never infracted in my life.

  • Bush Craft

    You can break our bodies, but you’ll never break our spirits. ¡VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

    • Dude stop writing cheques my ass is gona hafta cash -_-

  • Cedric Ballbusch

    It’s interesting that whenever I read/hear about punishing infractions I immediately assume that I’m about to be called on the carpet…

  • Welcome!!!