New Member Monday – Explosivo

Howdy, ya’ll!  Just thought I’d open the post with a little American Idiom action to lull you into a false sense of relaxation before I get on to the business of blowing your minds.  Which will be a 3 step process.

Hitchcock needed 36 more steps to do what we about to.

1) The Return of Rip Steakface Von:  After some time off that involved a brief stint as a mixed martial artist (I’m assuming), Von is back on the HoP roster and ready to fill our our brain holes with more of his well missed brand of RPG erudition.  The first post on his new topic (as chosen by our intrepid readership) hit the news stand yesterday.  You should read it, by the way.  Future Von posts will resume on his regular Saturdays.

2) HoP Idol 2:  With the sudden departure of our old comrade in blogging, GMort, we’ve decided to move up our 2nd annual writing contest up a month.  For the time being it’s called HoP Idol 2 and the details can be found here.  And don’t feel bad if you didn’t have the time to click on that link, you’ll be reminded incessantly about this for days to come.

3) Blogs.  We had a ton of them this week and this last step is a 6 parter.

New Member Monday

The Gamer’s Table
Keywords:  Flames of War, Saga, Dystopian Wars.
Painting miniatures, WWII history book reviews, photos from Museums, After game reports

Most Perturbatory
Keywords: Warhammer 40k, Battle Reports, Dystopian wars, Novels, Video Games, Misc.

Arlequín’s Other Worlds
Keywords: Post-Apocalyptic,
Zombies, .45 Adventure style pulp and 7TV type stuff

Paradox0ns Wargaming Blog
Keywords: Warhammer Fantasy / 40k, Terrain, Battlereports, Painting, Board games

Throck of War
Keywords: Flames of War and Other Strangeness

Vox Diaries of the Imperium
Keywords: 40k lore creation

Your minds are now blown.  No need to thanks us.

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