New Member Monday – Get Sprung!

Hey folks!  How y’all doin’ today?  Good?  Great!  Time for some new members:

Talk Wargaming
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Krazy Ivan’s Wargames Emporium
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I’d also like to give everyone a head’s up from everyone’s favorite Horrible Tentacle Monster, SinSynn!  He says he’s sorry that he missed his weekend post.  He’s having some computer issues (again) and has been too wiped out from not electrocuting people at his day job to make too much progress.

He also said that he realizes he was wrong and that both Space Marines of all colors and Late War Americans are just the best ever.  He hereby retracts all negative statements he’s ever made about them.

Thought for the Day

I’ve not got all that much rattling around the noggin’ this Monday.  Last week was a busy one at work as I played catch up for missing the previous week due to illness.  I don’t know about you, when I come home from work a pile of stress in lunch bag, I like to turn the brain off a little bit.  So less painting, more video games and TV.

That being said, progress on the Flames of War army continues.  Slowly but steadily.  Dethtron’s “half ass your way to the top” series has been a boon since there are a number of little subtleties and weirdnesses with the Battlefront models and the 1/100 scale.  Not insurmountable, mind you.  But there and things I appreciate not having to think about as hard thanks to Dethtron’s info.

Side note, he’s not actually half-assing so much as he is maximizing efficiency.  Having prepped and assembled an armored rifl platoon, I have a pretty good idea of the amount of work that dude gets done in a single sitting.  I would say that Dethtron is, at least, FULL-assing it.  Maybe even 110% assing it.  But playing it off all cool like.  Sir Mix-a-lot would be proud of all the assing.

Other than that, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about tanks these days.  Flames of War, World of Tanks and now I have like 4 ideas for conversions I could do with Games Workshop kits. A turreted Land Raider being the one I like the most so far.  Which is kinda where I’m at with painting gaming models for 28mm in general.  I like the challenge of painting a new kit, but I’m not all that keen on full armies.  Looks like I finally understand the narrative gaming dudes in the 40k universe.  Especially when Land Raiders are MSRP $74.25 these days.

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