New Member Monday- Many Years Down The Road

Welcome to the new digs, people! The House is operational and open for business.


The biggest thing about the House of Paincakes you ought to know is that we are focused on member blogs. Sure, we have awesome, ORIGINAL content, but we focus a LOT of our time and efforts on our blogrolls.

Yes, the blogs have moved to their own separate (and highly visible) spot on the site. I hope this will make the blogs easier to find and read, as well as make the site more mobile friendly. (Those blog rolls took a lot of space and were hard to manage on a phone and we all know it.)

Now onto our new members! (or some returning ones because the Warp got them, either way, MEMBERS)

Zab at Almost Perftec


St. Andrew’s Wargaming 

Dr. Dave’s Model and Painting Blog 

and The Good, The Bad and the Insulting  wrote this lovely introduction to his site:

A Blog covering opinions and reviews on all Games Workshop related media, RPG sessions, films, comics, video games, science fiction literature, lore and tabletop wargaming in general.

While my blog itself does not directly look into the process of building and converting models, it is extremely dedicated to examining and detailing the background information and ideas behind a setting. The articles found on The Good the Bad and the Insulting are some of the few to spend an equal amount of time detailing the world-building as it does the actual rules themselves. My work has been linked to several websites over the years from Bolter and Chainsword to /tg/ thanks to being one of the few to truly cover the massive retcons made in the likes of Codex: Clan Raukaan or the excellent lore found within Codex: Black Legion. This has earned the site a small but devoted number of followers and it is frequently visited by those more devoted to the universe than mechanical balancing. Atop of this, it is linked with a small number of other publications such as The Founding Fields and Starburst Magazine. Some posts are previews to those on these websites with a minor link at the bottom.

Despite a heavy emphasis upon Warhammer 40,000 I have made a constant effort to try and cover as wide a variety of subjects as possible. As such, while it is primarily Games Workshop focused, among these are a plentiful number of other articles ranging from what made the late, great Terry Pratchett’s works so effective to a brief opinionated analysis of Blade Runner’s conclusion. Others include news reports, interviews, fan creations and a variety of Top X lists, often building up to a new release after researching a community’s hopes for the future.

Other, less frequently seen, articles include spotlights for Kickstarter projects which are interesting but are lacking attention, or occasional bits of relatively off-kilter humour such as these two examples. In short, the blog covers just about anything and everything science fiction and fantasy related, but retains a heavy emphasis upon tabletop wargaming and Warhammer itself. Especially when it comes to summaries of Shadowrun and Dark Heresy campaigns which have been done from time to time. Admittedly, the current format will require some considerable improvements before that is attempted ever again.

The primary reason I wish to approach you is for two reasons. The first is to begin networking and building connections with other blogs of a similar nature, especially those looking into the more generally hobby or kitbashing related side of wargaming. The other is because I am hoping to branch out further my works, moving into the lore and rules behind Firestorm Armada, Infinity and Dystopian Wars along with older wargaming releases. I believe that these would appeal to your current audience quite well and the influx of traffic would help justify expanding my blog’s focus beyond primarily Games Workshop related content.

The Good the Bad and the Insulting is updated daily to every other day, with some expected lapses during December thanks to increasing time constraints.

I am working to make some adjustments, so we’re not done yet. Please enjoy the show!

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  • corrm

    Thanks for saving me from the warp tainted madness I was banished to. It was horrible out there, the beasts that make their home in the immaterium kept trying to make me claim PPI.

    • Give it a while there is still your initiation for newbs and the drinks are on you until we get new fresh fish 😉

      • The Warlock

        We need to start cutting more garish purple robes

      • corrm

        I wasn’t a newb, I swear! I somehow got lost on the transfer.

  • Thanks for adding me to the rolls. Much Appreciated

    • Loquacious

      welcome aboard!

  • Von

    Waaaait, when did I become “new” again? Did I die and regenerate or something?

    • Loquacious

      I specifically said “or returning, because the Warp ate them or something”

      I honestly don’t know, but you weren’t on the lists when I imported, so I added you.

      • Von

        Yeah, but… that’s… that’s just what you’re telling me. I’ve only got your word for it. :p

        • Loquacious

          well wait, wait wait… since when didn’t you trust me? =P

          • Von

            Since I awoke one morning to find myself WordPressed!

          • Loquacious

            funny, I SWEAR I sent out an email warning you about this =P

          • Von

            I knew about it. That doesn’t mean I trust it. :p

  • Zab

    Oh gawd you are gonna hate me. Now i’m in the rolls 2x o_O Sorry! Run away flailing spazzily…

  • The Warlock

    Writes down “Warpspace fishing Trawler w/ blog magnet and salvage arm” on HoP shopping list.

  • Bellarius

    Admittedly that description was intended more to explain to you why I was joining and what I did; but thank you for thinking it good enough for public promotion.