New Member Monday – Mondays Keep Coming

I would like to have a week without a Monday, once. It’d be nice. But since I keep having Mondays, I get to keep adding members to our blog Network.

Baby Members like this one:

smileyfaceharry’s Blog(s)

Here’s what he has to say about his blog:


I’ve only just got into blogging really. I started in Feb 2015 ish I think. It all started with me trying to encourage myself to build (though mostly paint) my Warhammer models. Since then, I’ve blogged about all of my major interests. Some of these are leading into starting my YouTube channel seriously, notably with videos on the games I play and roleplaying with my friends.

One of my friends and I are also currently working on our own comics and some roleplaying gaming tools, both of which we plan to publish on the internet for free.

All of these goings on are shared to the internet by my blog and there are a lot of plans for rapid expansion in the near future.

The main reason for my application is what everyone wants- more views! At the moment I consistently get 20-60 views per day which I don’t think is too bad considering. The only advertising I do is through my Facebook page- simply posting a status containing a link to the blog post.

I don’t expect to be accepted at this stage, but hopefully I’ll be someone that you’ll remember in perhaps 6-18 months and I can join House of Paincakes then.


hahaha! We’ll help him grow up…



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  • Heya Lo — Is there a bad link in this post?

  • Welcome!

    • Harry Watkins (smileyfaceharry

      Mello! Thank you for the greetings! Like I said in the application, I honestly didn’t expect to be joining in with the pros so soon! Thank you for the opportunity to benefit from this group and I hope that I can bring some new stuff to here in return!

      • The pro’s hey I’m not sayin the house of Paincakes is easy but………….:)

        Well they let me on for a start and I can barely write a coherent sentence.

        • Harry Watkins (smileyfaceharry

          Hahaha I can say that I’ve enjoyed all the blogs I’ve read on here so something must be going right! 😛

  • The Warlock

    Don’t worry Harry, your paincakes are in the mail. At least, this was said to me when I first signed up.

    *runs back to study notes*

    • Harry Watkins (smileyfaceharry

      Oooh! Can’t wait! XD

  • Bush Craft

    Dang, I love me some of that New Member Monday.