New Member Monday – No. 1

Hey folks!  New Member Monday time!

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Keywords:  Warzone Resurrection, Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition, Miniature Reviews.

Sadly, today’s New Member Monday may well be one of the last ones…

… to ever feature some of my witter banter.  HA!  Gotcha there a bit.  Man, I love this job.

We’re still gonna do New Nembers Mondays, dontchu worry.

All jackassery aside, the NMM format is going to be changing.

Going forward, New Member Monday posts are just going to be an announcement of whatever cool, new members have joined us over the week.

The reasons for this are quite simple:  I haven’t been having fun forcing myself to be witty two sentences at a time to pad out the post.  And when I do have something to write about (news, announcements, the inner mysteries of life, etc), it tends to get wrecked by having to share space with a very important feature of our network.  So from now on, my madness and the new members are two different things.  Mostly.

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