New Member Monday – The Penultimate Post of a Pretty Positive 2013

Good afternoon everybody!  We’ve got a day to go before 2014 rules in and shows us what an arbitrary point in time REALLY means.  Speaking of which, it’s time for a New Member Monday!  We’re past the bulk of the holiday season and I thought it might be nice to get us back on track.  Then again, our new members might think it’d be nice if I’d just get on with it…

Keyphrase:  Punk lifestyle for punks without lives

South Mississippi Gamers
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Trojan Points
Keywords:  Sci-fi, 15mm, other pinteresting things

Thought for the day:

Nothing too ground breaking I’m afraid.  I’n the spirit of the new year, I’m going to go ahead and recycle an idea I had in 2012.

Since many of you have actual pals and family, chances are you’ll be at a new years eve party.  Chances are you will be asked or, at the very least, feel compelled to bring a bottle of champagne.

So here are a few solid rules of thumb for those of us who know next to nothing about the fine art of properly consuming and enjoying wine (and never will):

1.  Go to a liquor store or a wine shop – anything other than the awful grocery store we all, inevitably, shop at.

2.  Preferably, you should buy something that actually says ‘champagne’ on the bottle.  Failing that, or because you wont stand for French snootiness, get a sparkling wine.   HOWEVER!  Don’t get one that puts the word ‘sparkling’ before another, well known type of wine.  Sparkling Pino Grigio, for instance.  I had that once, it was awful and the reason I’ve written about wine, despite my lack of knowledge, twice now.

3. Spend around AT LEAST $20 on the bottle.  Cheap wine is fun when you’re a dumbass kid and indestructible. Not when you’re a broken down adult with an adult stomach lining.

4.  Enjoy drinking it to the best of your ability.  I prefer to drink it our of a glass and often, for example.

5.  If a wine snob happens to be around and poo-poo’s you – SHUN THEM and then secretly drink their wine first.

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