New Member Monday – Psychic Attacks and Other Dark Energies

Hey folks!  Got a brand spanking new member who was kind enough to to turn last week’s frown upside down!

Four Go To War!
Keywords:  Tau, painting, conversions, WIP, tutorials, exclamation points!!!!

Thanks, buddy!  No sad face this week thanks to you.  When next you sleep I shall appear in your dreams to deliver a psychic bro-hug.

Thoughts for the Day

My continued journey into the pseudo-historical world of Flames of War continues!  Ebay was good to me and I have since purchased all I need for maximum American tank goodness.  As an added bonus, SinSynn has been particularly unhappy with my choice to play late war Americans (as I knew he would) and I have been using the shared mind link to attack him in his sleep for my own amusement.  It’s worked – but maybe a little too well.  he missed his last post you may have noticed. Note to self:  send him a card.

Mind link you say?  It’s a side effect from that time we had to stop a power core failure at the HoP offices and he had to store my memories for a while because I was, technically and temporarily, dead.  Cuz’ Von was being a big baby about the radiation levels.  Boo hoo.

Anyway, I’ve also prepped my models (including a brief, but pleasant experience with Battlefront’s customer service dept.):

Pictured:  1750 ish points of models

 Started assembling them:



And even started painting them!

Tank destroyers

Which is where today’s thought begins.  Not with a simple haul post, but with me acknowledging that, yes, that the above picture is me starting down the path to spending way too much time painting 1/100 scale models.

At the above point in my insanity, that is me doing the first round of individually masking sections of the tanks as part of some grand plan to make a stab at doing a color modulation paint scheme.

Don’t worry – came to my senses!  The gradients turned out pretty well.   Once I had hit them with a green filter to tie them together and then drybrushed on the highlights, the effect was even better.  But, this is the important part:  not worth the time.

The final product looked pretty snazzy, but wasn’t all that noticeable once you got out to the distance at which you would most commonly be looking at them (ie: during a game).  Or if you were under poor light. So it was a couple hours worth of work for an effect no one but me would care about (and one that would require a bit more practice to perfect).  Or I could spend 15 minutes and skip the bullshit and still have a great looking army.  

Looks like Dethtron has finaly gotten int

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