New Member Monday – Right in the Childhood

Hello everyone!  I’ll keep this brief since many of you will no doubt need as much time as you can get to jeer at the re-release of The Phantom Menace.  In 3D no less.  And by all means, heap as much derision on that cinematic stillbirth as you can.  Give in to your hate.  Not only is it a bad movie, but it also puts the relative quality of episodes IV, V, VI in stark relief.  The Phantom Menace ruined Star Wars for me FOREVER is what I’m saying.

GAH!  Ah the nostalgia is being ripped from my body!

But there is some good news as always on this fine Monday.

New Member Monday

Pen and Lead
Keywords: miniatures, rpgs, board games, and more. Focus on wargames by indy publishers- Pulp City, Ambush Alley Games, Malifaux, etc.

I Paint to Think
Keywords: 30mm miniature painting, mostly girls…

+Schola Progenium+
Keywords: Various Warhammers, Painting, Modeling, 31 flavors of marines

Now, a winning essay from Vent over at the +Schola+.  This is also short because I seriously need as many of you as possible hating Phantom Menace at the same time.  It is my hope that enough focused disappointment may cosmically remove the movie from our collective subconcious.


Essay on why I rock: One cannot explain the obvious. Water is Wet. The Sun is Hot. I am Gods gift to the internet. These are simple facts that cannot be disputed. Also I’m modest as hell and from New Zealand. I know a real hobbit. In fact he’s locked up in my basement…

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