New Member Monday – The Schweet Taste of Victory

What’s up ya’ll!   The all year hootenanny that is the House of Paincakes continues!

Before I get to the fine, disease free bloggers who joined us this week, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Kirby and his wild success with 3++ con!  Thins seemed to go pretty swimmingly and there’s a ton of great post over on his blog.

But as we all know, a tournament isn’t truly successful until there’s enough e-drama to fill the pages of a four volume leather bound collectors edition limited print run.  So let me get this ball rolling:

STAND IN only scored 11.389 battle points.  Strictly an approximation since we would need that fourth decimal place to be sure.  Anyway, as we all know, battle points are the only true measure of a man.  For this reason, STAND IN is a most likely a CHUD.  He probably cheated too.  That guy should be banned from Australia.

New Member Monday

Lesser of All Evils
Keywords: Warhammer 40k, Necrons, Dooooooomsday arks

The Gaming Lounge
Keywords: 40K blog for the San Francisco Bay Area, Whale’s Vagina (no wait, that’s San Diego)

Fine Detail Miniature Painting
Keywords: 40k, painting, converting, scenery, green stuff, battle reports

Oddleg’s Enterprises
Keywords: Skirmish, Bloodbowl, Mordheim, Necromunda, Warhammer Invasion, Roleplay, D&D, Star Wars, Zombie gaming

No essay today, but I did find this serious and frank video about youtube, camwhoring and titties:

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